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Sick of my tribal drums yet?
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Author Sick of my tribal drums yet?
More M13 drumming with the Seq01 and M17 controlling the drumming rhythm. LFO modulates slowly, it's modulating the M24's deviation , the polivoks, and pitch. M10 modulates the morph shape (if I remember correctly). RS-95 FMs the M15. Um, some more stuff, but can't quite remember. I know there's a slew and some CV processing on the SEQ-01's output to shorten notes.

I should have edited it down, but needed something long to listen to at work today.
I like this a lot. I still don't fully grasp how a M17 actually works, but maybe it's one of those things I just need to buy and play with in order to figure it out. From what I can gather, I think it's something that I would use a lot, if it does what I think it does. Maybe after the Modcan modules are paid off, I'll find out for myself...
Have you seen my youtube video of the Triple Timer?
It's pretty esoteric, I use it to modify and create triggers and gates. Works great with envelopes, slews, LFOs. The inverted output comes in very handy sometimes. I've never used a sequential switch, but I imagine it's sort of like a very specialized sequential switch/comparator.
It's one of those modules you need an "ahha" moment or two to understand, but once you do, you can make some really neat syncopation and process any sloped waveforms (it's kinda pointless with a square or raw gate going into it). But add a slew between the M17 and the square, and you can generate new timings from the square too. I've discovered lately that a square/gate/pulse and the slew are the M17's best friends forever.
Nice! How did you get the shuffle in there?
M17 magic!
Yup! M17 voodoo. It's a super useful module. I think it's one of the ones I use whenever I have the M10 in a patch (90% of the time). Along with the M13. Who needs envelopes with the M13? smile
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