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a little aggro
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Author a little aggro
Muff Wiggler
WARNING!!! Noodly filters and quantized random voltages for pitch!!

dare you continue?

made this patch that i'll describe later, recorded it, wasn't happy with it, was about to take it apart

ended up mindlessly twisting a couple of knobs and 'acidentally' taking the patch into a pretty fun new place so i fired up cubase again and hit record

dammit those Borg filters are nice

this is what happens when you team up a TipTop Z3000 with a Zorlon Cannon, 2 Borg filters, a Noise Ring, a MiniWave, an 8008 a few VCAs, a mixer and oh yes a frequency divider

cum on bring the noize

it's mono but PLEASE listen on a full range system with a subwoofer, there's parts where it'll be worth it, as noodly and self-generated as it is

and if you want to hear the not-so-happy-with patch that called the above into being, it's here...

applause nuts YAY FOR SOUNDAGE!!!
woah!!! a muffwiggler soundfile. who'da thunkit.

i'll definately be cranking up the ol' stereo system tonight. hyper
Muff Wiggler
hey now mad

there's been others, here's a couple..... oops
gabba-gabba-hey!!! Mr. Green
Muff Wiggler wrote:
hey now mad

there's been others, here's a couple..... oops

i know angry


the new stuff's very rhythmic and well timed yet kinda psychotic w00t
ps: i like the original version of your latest patch better


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