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Tips for using the EFG-Deluxe
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Author Tips for using the EFG-Deluxe
I just finished building the EFG-Deluxe. After fooling around with it for a bit, I had some fun extracting gate and envelope from another synth, and using those CV's to control the filter and VCA.

I still haven't had a real love-moment, though. Any tips for basic patches/use of the EFG? Where does it really shine?
The classic use is to input a drum track (or a partial drum track) and then extract gates and CVs to drive filter and VCA.
Also useful is to input a single track from a mix (bass guitar, guitar, vocals, tamburine or whatever) and modified it with VCFs and VCAs.
Apart from the typical rythmic stuff, you can also do slowmoving stuff like giving it a choir track (ether real choir, fake or mellotron), which usually have lots of uneven natural dynamic and extract the dynamic as slow swells and add stuff like noise or various synth sounds that follows the original choir sounds.
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