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VCO iss. 3 Expo Cap
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Author VCO iss. 3 Expo Cap
Hi, I'm referring to where Tony says:
Synthbuilder wrote:
The 2227 is much faster device and can be used for audio and DC.
The extra speed it has over the 2277 won't be noticeable in the VCO as
I slow the output of the expo with a rather large capacitor.

I was trying to figure the time constant, but even failed to find this capacitor on my issue 3 VCOs. confused
So maybe it's just not on this old version?
It's C4 and a 1nF capacitor on the older issue 3 boards. I use 470pF now... but you can almost certainly go a lot lower. It's there to add stability to the circuit and the value I used was what I have always used because I know it's stable.

I'm pretty sure you'll not be able to work out a time constant since it'll vary with the input voltage. That said I'm a numpty and DC analysis of that circuit is about all I can do. Dead Banana

oh, I see! I "ignored" C4 since it's so small and considered it just being there to stabilise the OP.
Then again ... ignorance just didn't help thinking. d'oh!
"numpty" ... really?? Man ... we're not worthy
cheers, Michael.
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