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Bugbrand Modular - Patch 016 [VIDEO]
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Author Bugbrand Modular - Patch 016 [VIDEO]
This sytem is making really a lot of fun. So intuitive and powerful. Perfect for my short modular sessions. Plug'n'play. Instant fun!
I used the seq. switch on my buchla cause I miss this kind of module. Need more. I planned one year ago to make a serge panel with all kind of seq. switches (even have all pcbs), but I'm always busy with other projects d'oh!
Though I know what I really need in my setup.
The arrival of the paperface changed a bit my plans...

Anyway, live on the active monitors it sounded really good tonight. Felt like deejaying or having a gig in a club 20 years ago!!! Good against all kind of frustrations.

Like the few last patches the DRM1 is not patched... Concentrating atm on the Orgone Accumulator for the beat with the Quadsine (which, with the Morphing Terrarium, I switch on & off sequentially).

Lot of bass = listen LOUD!


Let's see how long it's gonna take until google sends me a new warning because I use old film material in my videos. They deleted most of them!
So stupid. Like if I was promoting or selling anything. Tssss...
All my albums are downloadable online as crappy mp3 on russian servers and everywhere else for free without my authorization and google stresses me because I use a few seconds from very old film material in my videos which are viewed like 100, 200 times maximum.
I posted a lighter version on vimeo. Less risk it gets deleted there:
Trying to keep this part of the forum alive, but you're not making it easy. I agree!
Love your patch, great vibe and works really well with the vintage movie SlayerBadger!
Sounds super cool (as per!) just on shitty PC speakers (all I can do right now).

Rock on for keeping posting! Yeah.. all is a bit quiet.. wish I could add more myself.
great for a late night listen. keep 'em coming
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