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Please help ADDAC 101 + Pressure Points CV control
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Author Please help ADDAC 101 + Pressure Points CV control
I need to know if and how i would connect Pressure points and Addac 101 wav player to slice a long wav file in pieces corresponding to the PP plates.
How do i get the start/end point options (cant see it on the 101 face)

And how to dditionally patch for the sample rate and play gate?

I want to be able to sequence like this.

Also if i understand correctly. Like this i could have 37 long wavfiles that i can slice into pieces. Any way to store those pieces?
yo, I do this all the time with the 101 and pressure points. it's super easy. All you do is:

PP gate out ---> 101 Gate in (set to LOOP / LOOP modes)

PP CV out ---> 101 File position in (CV mode)

and if you wanted to control the pitch of the 101 with the PP:

PP CV out ---> 101 Sample Rate in (CV mode)

Very simple, yet very effective sound mangling ahoy
I do this all the time with my PGM-4X4 which is like the three rows of CV outs with the knobs on the PP (except it has four rows). Basically one row controls the LOOP SIZE which controls the length of the segment you want to play, and one row controls the LOOP POSITION which controls where the sound starts in the file. So for a drum loop for example, the LOOP POSITION will chose which beat of the loop it will start playing from, and the LOOP SIZE will determine how many hit will be played.

Remember to flip the toggles to CV on the inputs. If you choose, you can also use the third CV out to control the pitch of the segment you are playing by plugging that into the SAMPLE RATE CV input, make sure the RATE toggle in the bottom of the module is set to on (up). This is also a great one to run with a pressure out CV.
Thats seems tobe so much more funthan damn akai/ensoniq menues
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