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Deluge sampler+synth
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Author Deluge sampler+synth

Soon to released sampler+synth machine. My brother has one of the prototypes and played live with it recently.
Has SD card for samples and built in FM synth and analog synth engine.
32 voice polyphony step sequencing mono and poly parts.
MIDI out+IN and CV gates.
I had a jam on one and was pretty impressed. Plus it's the first time an electronic instrument like this has been made in New Zealand.
Could be interesting, but there is not much info to be gleaned from their homepage. How about some specs and video demos?
Sir Ruff
yeah, there's more info in the OP's post than in the entire site or FB page.
Looks like a promising groovebox but like everyone else says need more info and demos to bite razz
Interested! applause

This photo from Facebook gave me more insight/info.
The version I used is different to the new one that is coming out. The new production model has more pads and the pads are normal sized whereas the prototype has raised buttons that are quite odd.

The impression that I got when jamming around on it was like a Novation Circuit mixed with an Electribe.
My brother has 19gigs of drum samples on the SD card so the unit can load any of those. Has 4 gate outs and CV out plus MIDI/IN/THRU.

The guy who designed it wants people to get away from using a computer and is geared up for live performance use.
Sir Ruff
Can you live sample into it?
This is interesting to me, do we have velocity, and yes can we sample and edit ?
Please, God, let this have more than the usual & incredible stupid & limiting 4bars.

If you have a really good day, please make it at least 24 bars (for those who know...
yeah the new version will be able to sample plus it will have phantom power and MIC input as well.

You can edit the sample length and start in the menu as well as use a ADSR on the sample as well. Has quite a few effects built in and the new version will have global effects also.

I'm sure you can have different length patterns as well. The number and length of the sequences depends on the memory.
Anyone catch the live "release" show today?
i'm gonna have a hands on tonight! SlayerBadger!
apparently can also be battery operated and has a little speaker
Jim's computer beats
I'm pretty sure I'd be interested in this, at least I think... But there's not much information (some specs), no pics, no vids, only closed doors select demos. Why so secretive? That won't make me hold onto my money for it...
so a small roundup:
first, the final machine hardware has 8 rows of 16 steps and on the right side there is a 8 row 2 step dedicated to functions like record/mute/prelisten/select or just plain trigger samples. once the the grid is running, you'll have to select sounds and place them into your composition. the hardware grid looks and feels exactly like a monome. the velocity is programed like in a lot of monome seq apps. select a step and choose a velocity via grid. there are dedicated endless knobs for most functions. the sequencer is quite powerful. focus mode lets you swiftly programm 1/64ths, clone, transpose single elements-whats demanded of a modern sequencer, but no crazy things like resets or reverse that can be had in a lot of analogue modules nowadays. each row can have effects (a new software update should give effects for individual steps) but the amount of effects and chain in which they affect each other are static and sometimes of not very good quality. the sidechain is impressive, distortion is not at all. knob motion can be recorded and edited- say, have the filter curve play panorama.
the synth is very basic but kind of ok, if i had a deluge i wouldnt be using it. the audio engine sounds really clean though. i guess with the right samples this can be really great sounding-we had the usual suspects of drumsounds, but you realised quickly that with personalised samples this can be very fun!
the deluge is capable of being a very cool drone machine! bpms go from zero to you instant timestretch madness. you could a have normal song going and transform it into madness within seconds.
all in all theres a few ideas from everywhere well put together and it all depends on the software thats inside it. another thing thats cool: you can have as many rows/effects/samples as you have RAM. once RAM is full and you still want to use samples etc. deluge will begin taking out samples that have been used first-so, dont start with a bassdrum hahaha i dont know how this is going to make any sense, but as said, its all in programming the OS.

really impressive is the hardware! slim, light, small but still big enough to get down live. the prototype (not the final version) has a powerful way of completely customizing all LED colors and behaving of these.
chargeable battery, a tiny speaker and a tiny microphone-this thing is so small that you can program your livegig in airplanes!
Jim's computer beats wrote:
I'm pretty sure I'd be interested in this, at least I think... But there's not much information (some specs), no pics, no vids, only closed doors select demos. Why so secretive? That won't make me hold onto my money for it...

i was told its live on the 10th of october...a lot is in last software updates, when i arrived our demoprototype had a last software update ten minutes prior Mr. Green the final hardware machine wasnt running at all
Paranormal Patroler
This is particular to my interests
Jim's computer beats
Thanks Crazeebo for the information. We'll see on October 10th...

I guess it's still very early... I think I've read that they planed to take preorders at the end of next month, so I thought they were further along the development of the device.
there will be videos and infos soon apparently. the final machine is incredible slick, it needs to be touched to believed, hahhaaa-the octatrack is heavy duty industrial style, the deluge is understatement stylish heavy duty.
and as for a prize quote, i got 'you'll like it'
since monome & octopus i want a step sequencer....
but Lauchpad,Maschine-jam,MatrixBrute,DrumBrute all aren't what i've looking for.....

this DELUGE seems to be what i have been waiting for!
Well well well ... applause

Color me interested!
Also ... LOVE the golden potentiometer caps!
Anything new on this machine. I see Oct 10th is passed.

Guess this is the launch event ...

Thank you, I did see that. I wish we knew more about the machine itself.

Anyone have an idea how much it will cost?
SineBrave wrote:
Anyone have an idea how much it will cost?

The only price info I've found is that it'll be "somewhere between Circuit and Octatrack". So between $330 and $1250.

They built 20 units of a smaller version of the Deluge- it has a 4x8 grid instead of the 8x16 grid that will be on the full production version.

Looks like the big one will be a beast:
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