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Can Kyma X be run on Windows 10?
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Author Can Kyma X be run on Windows 10?
I was able to update the Flame device, Kyma X, and sound library for my Capybara 320 on my XP system fine. When I tried to install the same software on my newer, Windows 10 system though I get an error page saying to contact Symbolic Sound (which I just did). Curious if anyone here has successfully used the system on a Windows 10 pc. The system sees the Flame device and seems the driver is installed. Maybe my motherboard's firewire controller is not compatible?

Got it working. A normal install didn't work but I copied the C:\Kyma folder from my working XP system over to the Windows 10 system and now it works.
Hey, can you provide some info on this, such as the folder you transferred from XP?

I have a Windows 10 64-bit system and I'm trying to use Kyma X. Trying to figure out whether to use it through a virtual machine or not.
Sorry for late respons, just saw your request, need to know exactly what you want as being 2 years ago I’m pretty brain dead on specifics.
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