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TM3030 crackly resonance pot [fixed]
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Author TM3030 crackly resonance pot [fixed]
Paradigm X
Hi tony, hope youre well.

Not your old one, but a friend also has an oakley tm3030, with a very crackly resonance pot. as i note its a dual gang, is there anything else that could cause this other than a dodgy pot i can check, prior to desoldering it (could be a pain).

i suspect its the pot as he says it gets better after a squirt of fader lube

Many thanks, regards
It's almost certainly just the pot. And they are very difficult to remove from the board without a proper (ie. powered) desoldering station.

That said it's not impossible without such doozy tools. I tend to snip the pot bracket's legs so that it sits freely above the board. Then I blob a whole load of new solder onto the pot legs from the underside. Then I continuously heat all six pins by moving my soldering iron from pin to pin while pulling and wiggling the pot from above.

Don't pull too hard on the pot - just ease it out - nor heat any individual pad for too long otherwise the solder pads will be damaged.

Paradigm X

thanks for the reply.

It turns out the pots were all wired, rather than pcb mounted, which made life much easier. broke two wires on frequency pot while taking apart, which gave us a bit of a shock when we tested the new resonance pot! but noticed and fixed, and all working again.

In fact its actually much better apparently, i assume a damaged resonance pot would affect the circuit, on top of crackling?

Either way, hes very happy again now, so many thanks for your help again.

Thanks, regards
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