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SE330 - Anyone build these to sell?
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Author SE330 - Anyone build these to sell?
Gringo Starr

I'm wondering if it's possible to have one of these built. I don't have any skills in this area and I don't have the time. Please let me know if you know of anyone. Or... Someone sell me their Elkrous. smile
Paradigm X
LED-Man had one for sale in for sale section for a while... maybe he still has?
Gringo Starr
Thank you. Unfortunately it's been sold.

If anyone else has one or would build one for cash please let me know. smile
Paradigm X
theres a diy builders for hire section in diy; might be worth asking someone local for this?

good luck!
Blake Smith
By the sounds of it, there are plans to sell "ready made" units now.

From another thread

"On the bench now I am testing the new SRE330 main PCB which is to be part of the ready made version of the SE330." - Tony
The SRE330 is some way off yet. Although the issue 1 main board is looking and sounding good, I need to source a case, front and rear panels, power supply and I/O socket boards.

It's my project that I'm squeezing in between work on any 5U or eurorack stuff.

I've no plans to release the SRE330 circuit boards as just bare PCBs. But I might make a kit of parts (case, panels and PCBs) available if my plans of manufacturing fall by the wayside.

What is the sre330. Combined human and stereo?
kecked wrote:
What is the sre330. Combined human and stereo?

It's essentially an SE330 built for faster manufacture and with stereo inputs. It doesn't have any HVM capability. The board is the full 19" width, ie. longer and thinner, so I'll not be sending bare PCBs in the post.

Bumping...anyone sell these prebuilt?
Things have moved on slightly since this thread was started. The SE330 is no more and the SRE330 is now a current PCB product. I decided to go the PCB/DIY route to get some return on the time and effort involved in the project. A ready made version is planned and I do have a list of folk who are interested in purchasing one. That said I've not sold that many PCBs which has put me off a bit.

Another part of the delay was due to the forthcoming Behringer VP330 clone. I wanted to see how much that was going to be before I went ahead and started ordering cases and parts for the first production run. As it is, the Behringer isn't as cheap as I had feared, so I think I will go ahead with a limited run of ready made SRE330 units.

I've not got the panel and metalwork design completely sorted but once that is done I'll be able to get a quote and move forward with final pricing. In truth I'm well out of my comfort zone when dealing with metal shops and panel design in general so I've put it off longer than I should. I have been working on other things though, but there are times when I wish I could have someone else to help sort out the things like metalwork design. I think I would have had plenty more ready made products out there if I had.

Dr Gris
I'm on that list SlayerBadger!

Maybe you can ask someone over in the DIY section for help.

Years ago when I was a bit into DIY, was a favorite among european builders over at the GroupDIY forum.
Frank seems to be a very helpful and nice person.

You already have a fpd file for a Schaeffer panel.
That looks good to me
thumbs up

BTG wrote:
Bumping...anyone sell these prebuilt?

Build to order is possible for this, please contact me.
(For the SRE330)
Synthbuilder wrote:
A ready made version is planned and I do have a list of folk who are interested in purchasing one.

Hi Tony,

How does one get on this list? And do you have a ballpark range for the price?

anarude wrote:
How does one get on this list? And do you have a ballpark range for the price?

Just send me an e-mail but if you want one LED-man may probably be a better bet.

I've not got any price yet. Ultimately, it will very much depend on the case costs and I've not had a chance to get back to the metal shop with the detailed design they need to make the case.

Right now any official ready made Oakley Sound SRE330 modules are just vapourware. I'll probably get there but I'm slow and easily distracted by other things.

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