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Taking the DRM1 to the next level...
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Author Taking the DRM1 to the next level...
Hey all,

So, a bit of a noobish question, I know. I have a non-expanded DRM1 that I'd really like to integrate better into a more modern setup. Right now, I do most of my drum sequencing on the computer in Live, and I've been sampling and creating drum kits with DRM1 noises that have been really cool, but sort of a long/slow process to create.

Basically, I hook up the DRM1, tune it to a kick I like, sample that to a AIFF file, then go to work on a snare or a hat and sample the same. It works, but it's sort of a slow-go.

What I'd like to do is experiment more live with Ableton and sequence the DRM1 through MIDI or Audio events. I'm just not entirely sure the best way to do it.

Should I be looking to do a MIDI to CV out, or would creating a click track and running into the drum trigger be the easiest/simplest solution?

What about moving away from the computer, if I wanted something like a sequencer, drum trigger, with finger pads ready to rock... Would that even be something available today?

Just looking for a few hints to send me off in the right direction. Something like Acidlab's Robokop looks cool, but then I wonder if that would be anything over a Live setup with a CV out interface, and without velocity pads or something for live finger drumming, it seems like a lot of money for a 606-like sequencer. Just looking for some advice or hints to send me in the right direction smile

Thanks all!
The DRM1 takes audio signals in via the upper left jack. I drive mine with the LT trigger output of my TR-606, replacing the 606's wimpy kick with the DRM1's massive heft. Works great. If you have an interface with multiple outs, try just sending a short very hot pulse to that input...also, it's volume sensitive, so the input strength determines the output strength. Handy!

I just heard my own DRM1 in a club last weekend. Holy moly. I was happy with the unit beforehand, but hearing it through club subs is insanity.
Thanks, that's what I was thinking... I'll try and setup a click track in Ableton I can work with and feed that into the DRM1. I'll have to play around with different samples/sounds to see what triggers the best, and then I can tweak duration and volume to see how that plays with what I'm looking to do.

That also means I don't need any new hardware at the moment, which makes my wallet happy too!
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