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anybody else get higher cpu readings w/live9 and win 10?
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Author anybody else get higher cpu readings w/live9 and win 10?
truth be told,it hasn't been more than a few hours but....

i finally had to get a win10 desktop,and i'm noticing that the cpu meter is

twice as high as when i had win7(and this is w/no other plugins other than

alloy in the bus and ozone6 for mastering)

my blood freezes at the thought of trying to use only a moderate amount

of vst/vsti plugins.

the ableton site says that the "cpu"meter is actually indicating the amount of

time it takes to process audio,but something here doesn't seem right.

I have not found this, and I use Ableton on both a desktop and a laptop both running Win 10, previously Win 7. Plenty of CPU power to go around.

Did you do the usual new computer optimization?
-Check your CPU settings in the Power Options control panel and make sure it is not changing CPU speed based on load.
-Disable Intel speed step in BIOS
thanks, haven...

i never could figure out the speed step thing.

actually,my ableton cpu readings always were pretty high(20-40%)

though the system readings were around 10-15%.

the ableton site says that 50-100% are not unusual,but virtually every Live

user has stated that 20-25%is the highest they've seen.

i just noticed the difference when i went to win10.

i was thinking of going back to Sonar for a while because of the cpu issue

the multi-thread issue and the wonky midi clock.
I run Ableton 9 and Win 10 and had high CPU spikes and high disk usage because of AbletonWebConnector.exe I had to go into task manager and end the process and CPU when back down to the usual range. Might not the be the issue but worth a mention...

It stopped running in my processes a couple of weeks ago...I have no idea why though. lol
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