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It's ALIVE! z8000 sequencer tuned to 1v/oct!
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Author It's ALIVE! z8000 sequencer tuned to 1v/oct!
Okay, this was really exciting to me. Theoretically my brain couldn't really handle this, but it worked!

basically what we did is set up SilentWay->DoepferDarkEnergy_pulse->z8000->SilentWay, and let it perform the calibration.

The pulses then coming out of the z8000 were then of course a lot fewer than from the clocking oscillator... which Silent Way then compensated for.

We then had a perfect pitched z8000, which let us do lovely sub-octave things and so on.

I appear to be sounding slightly drunk in this - Pay no attention to that bit wink

We also calibrated the Doepfer a-106-1 extreme filter in the same session and it was BIG. Lots of little interference things going on with the resonance high, and playing that with midi was really cool, too.
Great idea! Thanks for posting.
Hey, Drunkie... can you further explain WTF is going on here? Was the Dark Enema clocking the Z8000 at audio rate?
haha, yes, when calibrating we had it set to "high" "low" all the way through, so I guess two pulses would correspond to one normal pulse, so it basically calibrated to twice the rate of the sequencer.

once it was done calibrating we could do all sorts of things, it was kinda cool, you can do sub-octave type things with it really easy. Sounded amazing.
That's pretty cool. I wonder what other modules you could calibrate.

Calibrated comb filter would be a lot of fun. love
Very cool. Nice track too.
This is interesting.

I was thinking of calibrating 'through' devices recently also.

SilentWay->VCA->AHD Envelope->Oscillator->SilentWay

So you would start with the envelope with zero attack and decay time, So that the VCA is essentially controlling the sustain level of the Envelope, which is modulating the osc pitch.

then once you are calibrated you start altering the Attack, Hold length and decay to start producing really wobbly sounds.. but you could always be sure that however crazy you get the sustain section is quantised to a perfect pitch.
Rozzer wrote:
That's pretty cool. I wonder what other modules you could calibrate.

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