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Automatically support the forum @ Patreon!
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Author Automatically support the forum @ Patreon!
Muff Wiggler
In the recent "banner ads to support the forum?" thread, the possibility of using Patreon to fund the site came up.

(tl:dr - don't worry I still hate the idea of running ads and I will not do it!)

As some of you know, the last raffle is probably going to be the LAST raffle. Turns out it's a violation of PayPal's terms and they got REALLY mad at me, froze my account, made me sign an affidavit, etc.

In the meantime, several people have reminded me that they would love a simple, easy way to make an automatic recurring donation....

So, while our PayPal direct donation link is still an option for those interested, we now have a Patreon account as well! For anyone who wants to check it out, you can find it here:

As always, financial support of the site is completely optional, it is NOT required nor expected, and it gets you nothing special in return, except for a warm feeling in your sweet little techno heart. One of my primary values is that the site will ALWAYS be completely free for everyone to use, and will remain free of ads, sponsored content, and anything else that muddies the waters and puts our open and free community at risk.

But with that said, support is always very welcome and appreciated!

Thanks to everyone who chimed in and shared their thoughts in the funding discussion, and thanks to everyone who considers making a donation. Love you all <3
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Announcements - Please read!  
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