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Portable case for my new Dotcom/MOTM Modular
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Author Portable case for my new Dotcom/MOTM Modular
Hello! Nice forum. I'm kind of going into modular for the first time now. I'm looking for two portable cases for my now ordered Dotcom/MOTM system.

I really like the cases JohnLRicel has. ( I also want them 12 HU high, not too deep and not too expensive. But, the cases John has are just not available in Europe.

So I was searching for something close and found this: ct-rack-flightcase/product-details.html

Just this one is quite expensive but looks cheaper.

I was also thinking about a plastic case like these ones:

This one is really cheap and really light which is handy because I'll perform a lot with them. Downside is that I can't drill the PSU and spring tank into the bottom of the case. I could also buy a rack baseplate with holes so I can still attach everything.

What do you guys think? Does anyone know any good brand/store for flightcases in this range available in Europe? And is it wise to buy a plastic case like the Gator one? Or should I just invest in a wooden case like the Rock Ready one and just get used to the weight?
I have a 10U Gator case, so I had the same problem. However, my dad helped by mounting the PSU on a 5U blank panel.
Gordon Cole
@Nerdware: Thanks, looks nice! However, I decided to go for wooden rack cases.

@Gordon I have been looking into those racks too. But it's not a good solution for my type of setup. I'd like to be able to mount the racks on each other.

So does anyone know any cheaper and well built wooden 12HU cases available in Europe?
Welcome Kai! w00t

I'm glad you like the cases I have! thumbs up

The EWI cases I have are made in China so . . . maybe there is a European distributor?

You should send Mark or Liz at Audiopile an email ask ask if they know of a solution for you. They are very nice and friendly people and will give you good advice.

Best of luck!

John L Rice
Hey John, thanks for your reply. Your setup really inspired me, looks very nice.

I mailed Liz, and she said that she could only send it via a U.S. freight forwarder. They have no dealers in Europe and won't ship internationally. So that means it's going to be pretty expensive.
Have you considered the portable cabinets from

I just put my modules in one myself, after looking at the rack option, but the Dotcom portable case is shallower than the racks (only 7" or 17.8 cm deep), and you can rack 11 MU spaces on each row, as opposed to 8 MU with the rack option. If you get two of them, they offer a latch and hinge set so that they can be transported folded together (my goal is to get a second one sometime soon!). I find that the cabinet looks very good and appears to be rugged as well.
Not as heavy duty as the EWI cases but Club Of The Knobs in Portugal and Mos-Lab in France sell portable cases:

The COTK comes with a front lid and power connectors and switches etc on the back:

The MOS-LAB doesn't have a lid and just a hole for the power cord:
Thanks! Yeah, I've been looking in those options as well, but I need something which can survive for a few weeks in our touringbus. So I guess I have to stick with the one I found:

Only thing is that it's pretty expensive. And I need two. smile
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