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[CLOSED:Order Thread] MW Benjolin PCB Group Buy
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Author [CLOSED:Order Thread] MW Benjolin PCB Group Buy

Everyone has their PCBs except *maybe* member123. Given that the other three folks whose shipments appeared to go awol did actually all get both shipments to them, I fully expect that he has his too.

Thanks to everyone for a smooth process. As stated when I started, I do NOT plan to do another run.


The three users who have not responded or paid I'm going to assume are no longer interested. I have 7 boards outstanding lost in shipment that I need to ensure I can ship replacements to. I have 25 main/power PCB sets and 5 more main boards only.

So I'm going to offer up to 15 more sets to any latecomers. But differently than before, if you want only a single power board with two main boards (because you're building a dual) or no power boards at all (because you're using some other type of power supply, e.g. 5U) please say so and I will adjust. This will hopefully help me stretch the remaining power PCBs across the remaining main boards. Adjusted pricing is $20 per main board, $2.50 per power board. I will not, however, sell individual power boards since they're the scarce resource here (and $2.50 won't cover their shipping anyway).

As before please post to this thread so there's a public record and nothing gets lost in my inbox. Tell me how many of each board you want. Limit is still 2 boards per person, and anyone who ordered two previously cannot order more.

So current outstanding available counts (I'll keep this current and add new orders up here to keep them from being confused with the notes below):


x rampy: +1M, paid, shipped
x Ginko: 2M, 1P, paid, shipped
X NLS: 2M, 1P, paid, shipped
X alfo: 2M, 1P, paid, shipped
x Dirty_Bill: 2M, 1P, paid, shipped
x livefreela: 2M, 1P, paid, shipped
x rico loverde: 2M, 1P, paid, shipped
x blandoon: 1M, 1P, paid, shipped
x YavorY: 1M,1P, paid, shipped
X Spectromat: 1M, 1P, paid, shipped
x glitchpop: 2M, 1P, paid, shipped
X maskull: 2M, 1P, paid, shipped


We are now at 130 boards ordered, I'm going to put a hold on new orders until I'm certain there are no shipping issues or any other reason I should need to send spares to someone. Thanks!!


My original plans were based on an expectation that we would have 100 PCBs or less, and that I could pad that by 10 or 20 percent to have some extras (for ones that get lost, or late comers, or whatever).

With the impending arrival of 11/15 I went back to look at what increment I could go up from 100 and it turns out that the next increment is 150. The price drop per board is only a few cents, but it also doesn't increase the cost so much as to make this impossible to do, so I have gone ahead and ordered the PCBs. But now I will have significantly more on hand. So if you are coming to this thread "late" don't despair, as long as it says "AVAILABLE" in the subject I will have boards.

Post in the thread as before if you would like some.

Also, with the larger counts of boards, apparently the shipping options from the fab to me are just the express options, so the timeline *might* be significantly sooner than I have described below. I will let everyone know when PCBs arrive.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
This is the order thread for my DIY MW Benjolin PCB. It is 4.75” x 4.95” (120mm x 125mm) and operates as an “all in one” PCB -- all components and controls will mount on the PCB -- or it can be used in other configurations using headers instead of the on-board jacks and pots. It has mounting holes so it can be mounted for other uses (e.g. 5U, 4U, alternate control layouts if you don’t like what I’ve chosen, etc). This PCB is also made to integrate bananas easily if you go with the chosen layout. It *will not* fit conveniently in a Eurorack, if you wish to do that with your DIY Benjolin, please check out Tseng Kweiwen’s order thread here:

Per Rob Hordjik’s wishes, these are intended for DIY use, and as such I will not be releasing Gerbers or other CAD-ready formats. There is a PDF of the schematic I used so you can match values and designators (my designators are different from Rob’s original schematic, and I have included some modifications) which will be included in the build thread. Ordering is limited to a maximum of 2 PCBs per person.

In addition to the Benjolin PCB itself, there is a small power PCB that will convert 12VDC into bipolar +/- 12VDC. The Benjolin has regulators to drop the voltage down to +/-9V as necessary for the CD4021 chip. Each Benjolin PCB you order will also include one of these power PCBs. If you don’t need it for the Benjolin (let’s say you’re mounting behind a 5U panel and going to use +/- 15V; the on-board regulators will handle that fine), you can use it for other purposes; it will handle up to 420mA on each rail (assuming a 1A DC wall wart as the supply), and I have included a 10-pin Euro header footprint should you want to use it for a small Euro system instead. As part of THIS order thread, there will be no option to order more or fewer of this PCB, I do not want the trouble of tracking multiple PCB counts. If there is sufficient interest in the power PCB itself I may start a second thread just to order those.

The price for the two PCBs is $25 per set. This includes shipping worldwide. It would be a significant hassle to do the accounting necessary to charge actual shipping, and I’ve seen other attempts (see ARP 1601 thread) where attempting to manage individual shipping has been a nightmare.

Please respond to this thread stating how many you wish to order (remember: the right answers are 1 or 2, not more). After 30 days, I will then state that it’s time to pay, accept payments for two weeks, make the order, and after receipt ship out. After making the order, I expect the fab to take 4-7 days to make the PCBs and 2-3 weeks after that for me to receive them. I will be shipping using standard mail to keep costs down, so it may easily be 8 - 9 weeks between payment and receipt. If anything goes wrong in the intervening time that will affect this, I will inform people in this thread so timeline expectations can be kept current.

Once the PCBs and shipping bits arrive, I will get them turned around as quickly as I can, and will keep this thread updated. Please note: my day job sometimes sends me to travel on very short notice, and this may impact shipping schedules.

If you pay and then get buyers remorse before the final order to the PCB fab, I will be happy to refund your money. After the fab order, you will have to arrange to resell your ordered boards, as the money will be going to the fab and won’t be available for refunds. If you say you want X boards, but don’t pay at the designated time, I will not be ordering boards specifically for you. However I do intend to order a certain amount of extras, so if there is interest after this formally closes, or you pay late, it *might* be feasible to get you a set.

I do *not* intend to do multiple runs. I *might* be convinced if there is huge interest after this closes, and if everything goes smoothly, but I would not advise anyone to bank on that.

This is PCBs *only*. There is no “kit”. The BOM does include suggested options and an inexpensive Hammond aluminum box, but you are free to put this into any enclosure or behind any panel you choose. The build thread will provide more suggestions as to possible options and enclosures. The build thread with BOM and other notes is here:

This is my first go at one of these things; feel free to express concerns or things you think might be done differently, but please be respectful and understand that this is my project and my decisions about things are final.

Orders (if have posted to this thread but are not on this list for some reason, please contact me via PM; green indicates payment received):

X Starspawn: 2
X cygmu: 2
x daryll: 1
x tds: 1
X medbot: 1
x jaidee: 1
X SynthBaron: 1
x mrhoudis: 2
X EarlJemmings: 2
X ruidobello: 2
X navej80: 2
x muncky: 2
x drip.feed: 2
X xahdrez: 1
x cosmicresistor: 2
X ClausF: 1
X CLee: 1
x magman: 2
x bgmarx: 2
X jhulk: 2
X NiteEagle: 1
x botnet: 2
x jsu: 2
x Captain Sternn: 1
X shred: 2
X drew: 1
x rampy: 1
x sduck: 1
X sixty_n: 2
X autowitch: 2
x paarasat: 1
X fiveman: 2
X mumblinstevedubya: 2
X nono: 1
X cleaninglady: 2
x ombient: 2
x GrantB: 1
X torgus: 2
x pritzcobinger: 1
x ambits: 2
x phisynth: 2
X Oscilloclast: 1
X dvector: 2
x Throw: 2
X batank: 2
X diophantine: 2
X emetophile: 2
X jpauty: 2
X secrethero303: 1
x geh2oman: 1
X Skaput: 1
x bunkerspreckles: 1
X peloazul: 2
X Hovercraft: 2
x Marizu: 2
X Zensac: 1
X fma: 2
X Chrutil: 1
X mmagin: 2
X julien: 1
x Stab Frenzy: 2
x teebeehex: 2
x doomglue: 2
x MacSynth: 2
x iL: 2
x aristote: 2
X fits: 1
X rosch: 2
X av500: 2
X Virgil: 2
x regenbot: 2
m0d01: 2
cannonball swandive: 2
soderstrom: 1
X mutedial: 2
X maggan: 2
member123: 1
X hsimonis: 2

Paid boards so far: 125/130
Paid users so far: 76/79

Shipped boards so far: 125/130
Shipped users so far: 76/79

X == delivery confirmed directly
x == shipping info says it's delivered

last update Fri Feb 10 12:18:40 CST 2017
Sure, Ill take two smile
Glad to see this coming to fruition.

I'd like two sets please.
One set please
One set for me, please. Thank you!
I'm down for one, thanks!
One set for me.
thanks thumbs up
1 please. Thank you!
1 set for me please
1 set, plz.
I'll take two, thanks!
Hell yeah, I'm down for two
2 please.
Two please
1 please.
2 for me, please. Guinness ftw!
One for me please w00t
i would like 2 please

thank you !!

One set for me please, thanks!
One for me!
Two for me please.


Please 2 for me.
Warm wishes
I'd like two please.

id like 2 please
Thank you for doing this.

I would like 1.
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