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quad mix VCA question
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Author quad mix VCA question
firstly, apologies if this is a really dumb question!! lol

OSC > quad mix A
ENV > quad mix CV A
ENV is being gated of course

The envelope is working, controlling the amplitude, but... it is really really quiet! When I patch the same thing with a Dual Lin VCA it works, and is much louder.

Is this the difference between linear and exponential?
Or is my quad mix not working properly or not calibrated?

probably exponential vs. linear. i have both and also notice the exponential is quieter when use with envelopes.
Muff Wiggler
you have to adjust the EG's parameters (and output level) to different settings to get a similar response out of QMVCA vs. DLVCA

it is the difference between lin and log response

however, with careful tweaking you can get the same feel from both

however if you need to go 'snappier' you'll want to use the QMVCA
This will be useful information for me sometime in the future.
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