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Oakley Discontinuity - Help troubleshooting
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Author Oakley Discontinuity - Help troubleshooting
Hello there,

I have built in the past quite a few modules, MOTM and Oakley with success. However, one of the last built I have done, the Discontinuity is not going very well. I am having difficulties understanding what to expect from the module and I do not have anything similar so it is difficult to compare (it is not a vci, filter, vac, ads...)

I have finalised it, however I know i is not working well since there is quite a lot of noise and also the volume changes quite a lot very quickly when I turn the knobs. I do not have an oscilloscope so it is difficult to follow the signal path and I do not really know what a simple test should be to know if the module is really working or not... :s

I can see that the CVs are working because they respond to LFOs, however I do not think the main audio patch is woking well

I am so sorry to be really vague but I am quite confused.... could any of the users advice of a simple test that at least will help me start to understand if it works or not.

I am almost at the stage that I may need to send it to Tony because I do not know what to do with it (checked wiring, ICs, direction of components....)

Thank you so much for your help

The Discon is a complex machine and somewhat daunting to use. It is quite possible, therefore, that it is indeed working fine. But it could have a small fault and that can cause a lot of confusion.

The first thing to try is calibration as detailed in the user manual. If that fails then you do have a problem in the build.

If it calibrates OK then try listening to the sound from the CLAMP output first. This is the output of the first two stages of the Discon so you should find that only the threshold controls and POS/NEG make a difference here. Can it turn a triangle wave into a more buzzy thing when the threshold control is taken from a high value towards the centre. Does it mostly silence the output when threshold is in the middle and POS/NEG is in the middle? If so this section is probably working.

At this stage have a read again of pages 4 and 5 of the user manual and see how you get on. Use the clamp output when it talks about the clamper, and the clip output when it talks about the clipper. Only move onto the main output when you have assured yourself that the other other two outputs are doing what you think they should be. Use a triangle wave as your input as this will give you the best idea of what the unit can do. Square waves generally don't work well except as modulators.

That is very useful. I Will try it tonight and report back thank you
Hello, sorry for the very very late update. I could not find the issue so I end up getting an oscilloscope to looking at a couple of projects that I did not know why they were not working. I quickly found that the main issue was a wire giving me a bad connection sometimes so I replace it and now it seems to be ok. It is a very complicated module to understand but it is already giving me some nice sounds smile
Thank you
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