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Welcome Totalmusik!
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Author Welcome Totalmusik!
Muff Wiggler
Well you all know how much I adore that crazy Metasonix goodness, and Mr. Endmusik embodies the philosophy and vibe as well as anyone I can think of.... so I was extremely pleased to hear that his new company Totalmusik launched the Polyphonic Wretch Machine sample library.. then doubly pleased when he asked for a dedicated subforum! Always my pleasure to help these amazingly creative people.

Please join me in welcoming Totalmusik to the forum

Agony! The Agonizer! Agony!
Welcome Totalmusik! Oh.... hmmm.....
w00t nanners applause
Rock on! A perfect fit for this here joint.
Awesome. You're gonna have to work your ass off releasing buggy products, or this forum might be a bit lonely! ;D ;D ;D
I can relate to that last comment.

The Wretch Machine Kontakt instrument works flawlessly.

Welcome Michael.

In my defense, I DID release a buggy product - the sample relationships were not 100% correct on alot of installs, and I'm currently sorting out an issue with one of the download links not working right for purchasers, so I feel like I've done right by this forum in providing a somewhat less than smooth purchasing experience MY ASS IS BLEEDING

Thanks for the welcome everyone, I've got some exciting libraries planned, and some cohorts are working on some additional content that will hopefully turn Totalmusik into a one-stop shop for all your sampling needs. Seriously. We're going to REVOLUTIONIZE sampleware for the 20th century! That's not a typo!
Michael has been super-fast with email responses to all of questions. 'tis awesome so far.

Moog Voyager layered with Polyphonic Wretch Machine session last night... Dead Banana

Gonna add the real Wretch Machine to the stew later today.
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