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Elektron Analog Drive
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Author Elektron Analog Drive
It's already been mentioned in the Analog Heat thread, but I think this discussion belongs here. A distortion stomp box from Elektron!

What do you think?
I think it sounds kinda cool, I am interested.
Good and versatile guitar overdrive is hard to get right...
Anybody buy one yet?
I see this more as a preamp. IMO it can be compared to the JHS Colour Box, Empress EQ, Son Of Kong etc. Haven't tried any of these, so have nothing to say in favor or against. It looks like a nice pedal though, and the expression pedal input and MIDI control are a +. It doesn't have a DI, a feature that some of the alternatives have.

Another option is the new API TranZformer.

Myself, I'm looking for 'something' that will have enough gain, impedance matching etc to be able to feed the modular, but I think I'd rather invest in a DI / reamper (simultaneous even, as in the Redeye 3D) and a proper preamp, EQ and comperssor in a 3 space lunchbox. Seems way more flexible.
Wheres that post gone by the guy from Elektron??

Its mysteriously disappeared ....

I was going to ask him if if they had changed the pots on the stomp box from the super fragile plastic to something slightly more sturdy.
Weird isn't it? Not the first time I've seen this happen on muffs.

Anyway Elektron desktop gear has encoders (except for master volume) and this has what looks like pots bolted to the enclosure.

It weighs 1.2kg, so I'd think it's built well enough.
Hey guys! I'm here. You know, I think they pulled my post because I had "for sale" stuff in my signature, which apparently is a no-no? Anyway, sorted.

The construction of the Analog Drive pedal is NOT the same as our tabletop units. No need to have little rubberized push encoders for meticulous tweaks. This is a pedal for serious guitarists, gig-ready, built like a tank.

Regarding Analog Heat - as with most of our Analog series products, their functionality covers a really wide range of applications. It's a toolbox for building your own creative effects (thanks to lots of control sources and easy to use mod matrix), it's a saturator, it's a de-esser, it's a warming tool for DAW audio, it's a sound design weapon. It's what you choose to make it into -- the core being 8 unique analog distortions to choose from, a filter with 7 types, and an EQ stage, an envelope follower with frequency pinpointing - all stereo, all analog signal path.
I think the real question is between this stomp box and the new Strymon Riverside. They're about the same price and they both sound awesome!
deastman wrote:
I think the real question is between this stomp box and the new Strymon Riverside. They're about the same price and they both sound awesome!

I'm glad you like the sound of Analog Drive!

Remember how much more you're getting Miley Cyrus in terms of unique distortion circuits, MIDI i/o, control inputs, sweepable mid-EQ, and then storable in 100 preset slots, with ability to send and receive MIDI program change.
This Analog Drive looks nice!

I would like to hear a user comparison of it and the Strymon Riverside if anybody here has used both?
Apparently these things went from $375 to $222 new. I just got a used one for $175. At that price it was hard to pass up a chance to try it. It is big so the feature set is more the reason to get it than wanting to save space. I played guitar (amp sim), bass (DI), and synth (DI) through it and I found favorites for each instrument. The EQ section really make this a winner. I'm not usually a Tube Screamer fan but the ability to dial in tonal settings really expands what it can do. I haven't found a harmonic fuzz setting I like on bass but it's pretty sweet on guitar. Saving presets is easy. Haven't toyed with the expression pedal or MIDI yet, but DAW automation was one main reason I wanted to try it out. Should be a good studio tool.

How does this compare to their Analog Heat unit?
needlz wrote:
How does this compare to their Analog Heat unit?

Each mode is a unique circuit and the two share modes, but there are modes that one has that the other doesn't and vice versa. Drive is mono, has no filter, etc.
I'm wondering if anyone has tried this with active pickups? I've been checking around for some stuff to use with an NS Stick, and the pedals that I have - like Cbread RAH, WIIO - sound GREAT with magnetic pickups but they react very differently with the actives in the NS.

Picked up a Soundblox Pro Classic, which is similar in concept (if not circuitry) to the Analog Heat. It seems to pair better once you tweak the EQ around, but it's still doesn't sound like the perfect setup.
Heads-up: Sweetwater is blowing this pedal out for $99 right now: rive-multi-circuit-analog-distortion-pedal
V2 is coming...
tremolo3 wrote:
V2 is coming...

I doubt it, and all my inside sources are saying the same. It was never the commercial hit that elektron thought it would be.

It is a nice pedal though. I have two. And the current deals / stock clearances makes me thinking about getting a third...
for 99 Im in. Just ordered.
I'm a total Elektron junkie and will gladly take it at that price. Been wanting a dedicated distortion unit for my bass anyway, and at this price it's worth a try, especially when you factor in the interesting possibilities of MIDI.
Whoops, sorry, was so excited to spread the word didn't read all the above stuff.
I just got mine. It's way bigger and tankier than I expected (and that's actually kind of a problem with my current setup... maybe if it's 100% MIDI controllable I can just remote it though. Sounds pretty great on first play with a Reface CS.
Plugged this into my Minilogue chain and I think it'll probably stay there. Enough useful and quiet settings, good responsiveness to input gain changes, enough EQ control. Elektron obviously designed this thing to be useful across a wide frequency spectrum so it's perfectly useful with synths, I'd say. Some settings aren't so hot with synths (the harmonic fuzz?) but not a big surprise there. The high gain settings remind me a bit of the Metalzone. Found myself wishing the level knob acted as a wet/dry mix rather than a simple volume control, but of course it's for outbound gain staging and in that sense it's still useful.

I had my SansAmp Bass Drive after this. Could have a little Sunn O))) cover band going here soon. LOL.
The harmonic fuzz is a pretty good wavefolder. I really like it on bass-sounds and it reacts nicely to dynamics, good for drums and such.
Interesting. I'll have to try it on simpler material.
I also just got mine and was really surprised with how large it is. I feel like Elektron took the original Big Muff pedal as a form of inspiration. Sounds really good though, and goes a lot deeper than I originally thought.
the pedal has some girth! no doubt! It does sound nice... especially for the price. Not sure WHERE it'll end up in my setup but the sadist in me keeps thinking "the big stuff" pedal board would be hilarious. The Drive, a Ring Thing and the SDD-3000.... maybe the Geiger Counter Pro if The board has any space left? lol
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