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advice best mod sources and amp attenuator
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Author advice best mod sources and amp attenuator
doofa beena
Hi folks after lurking for awhile im finally making my first post. Im rather new to the world of modular analog synthesis so i hope my questions arent too obvious or mundane.

Right now i have a small system, (it is the entry level synth), and its almost complete. I have the q104 midi interface, 1 q106 oscillator, 1 q109 envelope generator, one q107 SVF filter, a q108 amp and a multiple.

Hopefully I'll have this synth finished in the next month or two. Then I'll have 10 extra spaces in my cabinet to fill and im starting to think about what im gonna fill them with.

i have a lot of questions but right now im curious what people think are the best amps, attenuates out there in 5u format.

I like doing alot of modulation and i like to have cv control of my mod signals, basically like what a q108 can do. So im thinking i might have a few modules dedicated for modulation, like an lfo, q109 envelope generater, and q 108 amplifier sitting together in my case, to be able to control with gate and cv and then route to things like linear pitch input of an oscillator, filter cutoff freq, pulse width, you know....... all the basics.

so i guess im just asking for peoples advice or experience in what are the best modules for this type of stuff, are there devices from other companies i may have missed that are good at doing multiple tasks in this area, and are there better ways of doing this than what i am describing, ect. I guess im also hoping to find way of doing this in smallest amount of space too
I have looked over most of the catalogs of the major 5u format companies and feel more confused now than b4.

ok, thnx in advance
The Q108 is a pretty good VCA. It's certainly versatile. STG Soundlabs has a triple VCA in one space, but two are optimized for audio. He has a triple attenuator if you need some manual control of CV levels. The Mankato filter is an interesting multi-phase LFO, VCO and slew limiter.

The Grove Audio LFO/VCA looks interesting.

Moon Modular has some attractive modules like the VC envelope and bi-polar attenuators and mixers.
Just me
I really like having a Moog CP-251 as it is a VCLFO, Noise, S/H, Mult, 2 Reversable Attenuators, 1 Offset mixer and a Lag Processor in one simple desktop unit.
Welcome to the party! I second the Suit & Tie Guy VCA modules, nice package for the price. They will overdrive nicely if you like, but are very clean as well. I have two of them. w00t

The Mankato filter by STG is also a very cool multi function filter that gets monster bass among other things.
I willalso suggest the Moog CP-251... an almost infinite amount of possibilities in this one unit! Inverter,S & H has smooth and stepped outs,even use the Lag an envelope and all things mentioned by Just me. It is the most underatred box ever in my opinion. Good value and quality.

Also for single space LFO thereis the new Megaohm LFOTwo, which gives two lfo's in one space... no VC, but waveshaping of one LFO. I have recently ordered one.
Bipolar is a good thing in the modular world, especially considering the kinds of things you want to do with your system. This module isn't cheap but you would probably end up using it in every patch you do.

If the CP-251 came in 5U I could be tempted, but it is already annoying enough going out to the DD-20. Strictly personal preference there and if it does not bother you then...

I am hoping to add at least one STG triple VCA soon. I asked recently about a 2nd attenuated CV input on the 2 audio units and normaling the 1st output to the 2nd and then maybe even to a 2nd module. Obviously that would mean a bigger panel and it was a no go anyway :-( NO VC MIXER FOR YOU!

I have a moon reversible attenuator. Like the functionality but hate, Hate, HATE the panel layout. (Come on, I/O on the bottom, knobs on the top!!!!!!) Plus, it is a little hard to pay that much when you can get 2 .com distributors for the same price (have 2 of those as well) and that is what I need it for 95% of the time anyway.

I also had 2 moon VC EGs and recently sold one of them. You can actually get a UEG for less and it looks to do everything I wanted from the VC EG and so very, Very, VERY much more... I will be ordering my first one this week or next. I can hardly wait to pair the every stage pulse out with the 292c resonant lo-pass gate clone among about 50 other ideas for that thing...

The Grove dual LFO looks great, but the web site has problems so I have been unable to successfully order one. Sent them an e-mail a few days ago and have yet to hear back. Hmmmm...... I hope they turn out to be reliable because I like the looks of their stuff.
My favorite feature of the Moon 525 is:

The four input jacks are “chained“, input 1 is internally connected to +10 volts if nothing is patched. So the module doubles as single to quad variable voltage source.

Very very handy! thumbs up
Quick update:

Grove Audio got back to me and I have one of the dual LFOs on order. So we shall see if it is as nice as it looks to be.
As noted the default 10V out on the 525 is sweet.

Just like it I do NOT like the layout of the 526. For a while did not really care for the module in general. It is rare for me to directly mix more than two CVs (usually one will control a VCA that is over the depth or rate of another) and with audio sources I would prefer to have 4 channels instead of just 3.

Then I started pulling that 10V off the 525 to in 1 and now I have a nice variable offset for whatever two CVs I may want to mix. That one thought moved these mixers from never used and for sale to almost always used.
doofa beena
the cp251 does look pretty sweet, but im hoping to keep it all in the cabinet, well see how that goes?
the stg vca and moon reversible attenuater look great too, might be a good way to go with what im looking for.

thanks peep-oh's
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