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Why didn't I think of this years ago???
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Author Why didn't I think of this years ago???
Well, actually I did. Just never got around to it.

I actually bought 3 of these hangers maybe a year or 2 ago, but kind of forgot about them.

While rebuilding my studio after our recent flood, I started unpacking the wire box and hit the pile of modular patch cables. What to do - the old box that sat on the floor that they went in previously was destroyed by the flood. But these hangers were sitting right there on the shelf, right where I'd left them, and some screws and a screwdriver were handy, and next thing you know, the cables are all hanging and relatively organized!

Several obvious issues. 1. No cables are inserted in the synth currently - no time yet. 2. I bought 3 of these, thinking it might be enough, yet all my cables don't even fill one of them. Obviously I need more cables!

BTW, mouser has these - part no. 565-4408. These work for 1/4 plugs, don't know if they'll work for euro and otherwise sizes.
cool, thanks for the mouser part number. I've been looking for something like this.
I have these hanging on the studio wall. They work like a charm.

Good for all types of cables. Mr. Green
i bought two of those cable brackets....screwed them to a 12" or so long 1.5" square wood spike i found at the hardware store (i cut off the spike tip and painted it black). i bolted a dual mic bracket to the underside and mounted it to a mic stand. a couple of coat hooks screwed to the ends lets me hang my longer coiled power, instrument and speaker cables. i can move it wherever i need it....

What's the problem? Just keep them like this.

or this

I love the drop light in there. lol
Morley wrote:
What's the problem? Just keep them like this.

or this

Fancy SlayerBadger!
Never thought about putting them on my case like that. I think I'll do it.
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