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Age old question... Sidrax to start?
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Author Age old question... Sidrax to start?
Hey folks,

I know this gets asked often, and I've read all the threads, but figured I'd see if anyone anything new or different to add given my set up..

I currently am using a Phenol with a Future Retro 512 to control it. I have Eventide Pitchfactor, Timefactor, and Space for effects. I am thinking the Sidrax will add nicely to my sound. I'm not really into rhythmic elements so the Plumbutter doesn't seem like the logical choice for me.

Has anyone cross patched a Phenol with a Sidrax? or anything else banana? Does it have a banana grounding plug?

Thanks in advance!

for reference, this is what i've been doing lately...

I think in many ways the sidrax may be a better match for the phenol than the Future Retro. The two instruments compliment each other in some ways. Not traditional ways, but FUN ways. It would be a good place to start.

I also think a cocoquantis is a great place to start considering what you have.
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