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ADSR problem
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Author ADSR problem
Hi Tony - I have a regular ADSR (no VC addon) that when I hook it up to my bench supply for testing it trips the negative supply. U1 gets super hot and the LED remains lit. It's not the cable, or the power connector on the PCB. I disconnected the sock4 board and it's still happening so it's not that I presume.

I assume this means there's a short somewhere but with no power applied I don't get continuity between the +15 and -15 rails, so I'm not sure where to look. I don't see any obvious threads of solder or wire on the board. Any thoughts?


EDIT - it's an issue 4 PCB
U1 getting hot suggests that U1 is either in the wrong way around, the wrong part, damaged in some way, or its outputs are driving into a short. The latter could be a solder bridge around U1 but it could be that U2 is perhaps the wrong part. U2 should be a 4052B and not a 74HC4052 for example. If U2 is incorrect you'll need to replace U1 and U2 to be on the safe side.

Thanks Tony - turns out there was a tiny solder bridge between pin 3 and 4 on U5.Don't know how I missed that. I replaced U1 anyway.
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