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Bugbrand Bugcrusher - Sample & Hold
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Author Bugbrand Bugcrusher - Sample & Hold
Keeping on the monologue.
Never giving up Mr. Green

I'm answering here one of my own questions from this thread.
batchas wrote:
Is there any s&h in the Bugbrand module line?

Like radams said in his thread, I forgot the Noisecrusher S&H (which I use quite a lot to add some random feeling/movement for hihats for instance).
But I also forgot the Bugcrusher!

As usual I test again from time to time modules I never use or took out of the system (don't like the sound or whatever), always telling me I should sell them. I did this a couple of days with the Buchla 259e and as usual I never can let them go after I test them after a long break. Always finding them again "cool"...
Now I took back the Bugcrusher in the setup. Never using it. Not my thing so to say (soundwise).
And realized it's also a S&H (if I'd read myself the faceplate, like I always recommend it to other wigglers, I'd seen that. It's written on it!), but it's more than that, thanks to the FADE knob for instance.
Showing here a few modulations or sounds it can generate in combination with for instance a noise crusher.

Yes, as always, the name 'BugCrusher' has been somewhat confusing!

It always was the (needed) S&H for the system - NoiseCrusher was the later development of it.

Note that the range switch, while primarily changing the range of the internal VCO also switches values of cap for S&H and glide -- so when you want sub-audio S&H while using an external clock, do make sure to switch that to the S&H position.

[sorry that the forum is so quiet -- thanks for continuing to nudge it!]
YES - this is the TRUTH! Guinness ftw!
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