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The thumb remembers...
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Author The thumb remembers...
I think if I had rehearsed first, I would not be in sync like that with restarting the seq! See at 1:30.
A shame you can't see my thumb. Looks like it did not forgot the time when I was a deejay hihi


I cut it after cause it gets boring!
And I forgot to switch off autofocus. And and and...
And sound levels are not ok anyway.
Like in this one I did right before. This is when I want to push play and record without checking levels... fast fast... Dead Banana

BTW, sound is DRM1 and 1 x oscillator SYN2A XR09-VCO.
Both sent to UTL03 drive.
Damn awesome!

Wanted to say it long time ago - it would be very nice if you provide small explanation with every new video about how the patch is organized, what special is about it, how you manage seq/trigger/clock parts etc etc... Of course, briefly, but to have the essence explained.

I guess your youtube channel could be a really nice educational platform for BB, Buchla and Serge users. Sometimes I really feel like - maybe we need to commission Batchas to write and release a Banana Patch CookBook for us or organize a workshop wink At least I know no other person, who so deep into it and always come with such a brilliant results!

Thank you for the very kind comment. I appreciate thumbs up

I'll remember for the next video. Make take a while though till the next, but I promise I'll remember.
Great jam Batchas!
Cool, sounding great! - I think it could go on for much longer without getting boring. SlayerBadger!
And nice thumb-chops!
excellent jam - thanks for sharing. Would love to hear more demos/tracks of the DRM1
Voltage_Controller wrote:
Would love to hear more demos/tracks of the DRM1

I think the DRM1 is in all my patches. Or most. Sometimes the Orgone Accumulator takes the beat part, but then the DRM1 is the "accent" in the patch. The kick. The punchy component.
I made a new thread with a few examples.

Other wigglers can add their examples too if they like. They are a lot of cool patches with the DRM1 involved.
Phil has some very cool one too.
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