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ADDAC000 series and arduino programming - who's doing it?
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Author ADDAC000 series and arduino programming - who's doing it?
what gives?
Greetings! New here...

I recently purchased an 001 VCC unit, planning to program stuff i can't find in already existing modules. The module is really cool, and right now i am looking into learning more about arduino programming.

The arduino community is an awesome resource. People are being really helpful, but i was thinking it would be cool with input from people with modular specific knowledge. I looked around a bit, and didn't find any specific threads on the topic (sorry if i missed it). Therefore i wanted to check who's into these kind of things in order to learn more, share experiences and/or code.

Let me know about your thoughts on this!
There are quite some intresting things u can do logic wise smile
what gives?
Yeah, it's really versatile if you have the time. I'm primarily using mine as a CV randomizer/generator...
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