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Acceptable input voltages
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Author Acceptable input voltages
hi, I'm thinking of using the aux CV outs from a Kenton Pro 2000 MkII to control things like VCAs (to add velocity or aftertouch response) and VCFs.

The kenton manual says the voltages are +/- 12.6 volts - is that ok to connect? I'm only using the 5V pull up for the gate so I'm concerned those voltages are too high.
chamomileshark wrote:

The kenton manual says the voltages are +/- 12.6 volts - is that ok to connect?

Hi Mark,

The 300 Series modules expect a (nominally) 10V gate, and 0-10V CVs.

12.6V should be totally fine, with one isolated exception that I can think of off the top of my head. Sequantizers which have not been modded by me in the last several years can't handle a negative voltage (really any negative voltage, so it's not specifically an issue with the 12.6V at all) connected to certain inputs without potentially damaging one of the chips inside, so please try not to connect an output that can go negative to the Sequantizers. This includes any output on the system itself which can output a negative voltage too. Please email me for a more detailed explanation if interested.

ok thanks Cary!
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