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Kenton Pro 2000 mkII
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Author Kenton Pro 2000 mkII
hi, I'm thinking of using the aux CV outs from a Kenton Pro 2000 MkII to control things like VCAs (to add velocity or aftertouch response) and VCFs of the Blacet/ Bananalogue and MOTM frac modules.

The kenton manual says the voltages are +/- 12.6 volts - is that ok to connect? I'm only using the 5V pull up for the gate so I'm concerned those voltages are too high.
I don't know the answer but you could run the CV out of the Kenton into an attenuator or mixer and start with a lower voltage into the VCF and VCA.

I recall in the manual for the PAiA 09700 MIDI>CV Converter that recommend an attenuation network to scale the output CV for the pitch wheel output. In that case the purpose is to scale it more to the range of voltages one would expect from a pitch wheel, not a theremin!
I have been using my Kenton (same one as you) to interface the frac setup with my MPC 4000. Everything seems to be working as expected.

So far, I have just used the "aux" for key tracking. Since the min/max range can be adjusted, it seems like external attenuation should not be necessary.
I am using a MPC live with the Kenton Pro 2000 mkII to control my modular gear.

You can set up a range from -64 up to + 64. I remember the manual says to set min to -25 and max to 0 to get +5V.

However I never cared about this and it works perfectly anyhow...
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