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The MOTM "Grid", and brackets
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Author The MOTM "Grid", and brackets
Is the MOTM "grid" documented anywhere? If I wanted to design a panel that adhered to the grid, what would I use as a reference?

I notice that there are CAD drawings for the stooge brackets on the MOTM site. If I wanted to make my own brackets, could I take those drawings to a local metal shop and have some made?

hmmm..... huh?
Guinness ftw!
The MOTM-440 front panel is on there, too.
Thanks Paul, I noticed that too. Do people use that as a guide for designing panels? Or do they use some other means?
I have a Corel Draw/Illustrator template from Dave Bradley of Hot Rod MOTM that has all the jacks/pots on different layers. I can share it if you shoot me your email.
I just borrowed some templates from the modularsynthpanel group on yahoo and used those as a basis. I've done some small refinements to the measurements as I go along. Most of the recent panels I've designed have been pretty far off the grid, except I still like to have the jacks on the grid as much as possible. When you're trying to cram as much functionality as possible in the smallest amount of panel size possible, the large knobs on the grid are the first casualty.
this be the source although im sure you've seen this already.
My only caution for using anyone's grid document is to watch out for hole diameters. The 16mm alpha pots I have are not as large as the ones used on the MOTM documents I've seen and require smaller hole diameters. Switches and LED holes may vary as well. It's best to measure what you're going to use before designing/ordering your panels.
If you use Front Panel Designer, download any of the FPD files from my website. They are linked on the individual module project pages. My grid is precise for the standard MOTM pot and jack placement, although it may not be centered exactly like the 440 reference.

Example: Bi-N-Tic pd

I've been using an "all jack" MOTM grid for the small knob projects like this one. It also has the correct hole size for 12mm Alpha pots. pd
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