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DDD Fyrall / Srine Opinions
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Author DDD Fyrall / Srine Opinions
Hi all

Anyone with either the DDD Srine or Fryall give some insight into where these guys fit with the other current instruments available from CL ?

I've got a Sidrax, PB2 and Coco2 and am tempted by a Fyrall or Srine, but I'm not sure what these guys are going to bring to the table. How flexible sonically are these machines ? Is there a lot of overlap between what's possible with them and the other CL instruments ?


Super curious as well... Not enough info out there on these two beasts...
I'm honestly still waiting until the next DDD comes out the stuber
I have been using my Fyrall extensively, in all kinds of combinations with my coco, tetrax, pb2, eurorack, etc..

Its funny, a friend yesterday told me it looks like a little angry alien face and I of course had this impression before , I would actually improve on it saying this is an spoiled little brat, always crying, always complaining, needing more and more, and if you actually give it "more", it stops crying and get all cute and funny!
in other words,
I find that very frequently the sound is irritating and soft, but it can turn 180%, its just that it takes a lot of trial n error, patience and creativity. I also feel like it works very well with some external processing.

I think this instrument has a certain preference, and that is to "sing", to play very complex autonomous music, and its up to u to make it happen and hopefully with the knobs u can interact without losing that lucky magic!

I totally recommend the brass option, I would never imagine myself using the nana option unless it could be touched.
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