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Can you run CV through a patchbay?
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Author Can you run CV through a patchbay?
Been hoping to sort out a patchbay in my back room to streamline everything and hopefully get me plugging in less and actually playing more, but I was wondering if you can run CV through a patch bay, or does it work like a passive mult, where you would get voltage drop across the bay and thus knock things out of tune.
I've no problems to run cv through patchbay
It won't be a problem. The difference is that with a multiplier you need to split the signal up and use it for several destinations. Depending on the source you sometimes need a buffered multiplier, but a passive one will also work in some cases.
I've been reading this thread and several others on using audio patchbays for CV with some interest...

I have a semi-modular set-up. What would people think of an Akai MB-76 being the control router for up to 3 sequenced sources (CV & Gate) and destinations?
I was thinking that then programs could be used to change routings easily.

MB76 manual: (only 13 pages)

If this seems workable, then my question would be where should I set the trim... It can boost the signal up to 24dB, where would be a good place to set this?

Unfortunately I don’t think an MB 76 or any other device of that source would work, at least not for slow moving cv signals such as note cv. The inputs would need to be dc coupled to allow such signals through. A normal passive patchbay works because it has no active circuitry at all on the inputs.
Thanks for that @seychmar I was thinking of picking up a second MB76, but that keeps me from wasting my money.

As an audio router though it is awesome. Akai made great stuff at that time.
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