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ADSR/VCA Problems
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Author ADSR/VCA Problems
I have just finished building the Oakley ADSR/VCA and it is showing some strange behaviour.

The module functions as something to turn the sound on and off when a gate signal is applied, but the ADSR knobs do not function properly:
When R is set to zero, A &D have no effect. Only when R is turned up reasonably high do A & D have any effect. Even then the maximum time I can reach is around 10s on each.

When in loop mode with S set to minimum, the LED is constantly on, changing A & D have no effect. The LED does however turn off completely when past 10% of the full scale.

The PCB located trimmers also have no effect when turned.

I have done the usual checking of components and soldering, along with some basic troubleshooting and I cannot seem to find the problem. I have attached a picture of my board.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Check around that 4052, ie. U2. A damaged 4052 can cause this sort of thing. Pins 12 and 13 of U2's socket look a little worse for wear on the photograph.

Thanks a lot for the help Tony. I got a drop of solder into those pins during the build, thought I had sufficiently cleaned them out, but it turned out there was still a tiny bridge between them.

Its working perfectly now!!!
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