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How does one solder close a solder jumper?
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Author How does one solder close a solder jumper?
Multi Grooves
I'm soldering a Bastl little nerd and am stumped by this:

I do not get how I'd male the solder span the space between the two spaces?
latigid on
Add more solder!

To get it to flow across the soldermask, you may find it's easier after the flux burns off.
you could bridge it with a resistor clipping.
Use a component leg or a big blob of solder.

Also, no duplicate threads,pls. No need for 2. I deleted the other one.
Multi Grooves
Thanks for the help all.

@Kent: the double thread was simply a mistake....
I got sent a kit to repair once - it had been built with plenty of enthusiasm, but there were some issues...

One of the boards required a link. The builder hand mis understood the directions, and, instead of just using a lead or a wire for the link, they had managed to use a length of solder. Must have taken a few attempts to 'solder' it in without it melting.

Id pretty much always use a U shaped component clipping, rather than just solder, even if it was small.
keep the temperature of the iron as low as possible, higher temps mean the
solder will flow and the surface tension will create two distinct blobs instead of a bridge.
[quote="Multi Grooves"

@Kent: the double thread was simply a mistake....[/quote]

Miley Cyrus
Multi Grooves
I'll be sure to pass the miles tongue to my wacom.
Dr. Sketch-n-Etch
Just wrap a piece of spare wire around the jumpers and solder those.

Also, when putting on pants, one leg at a time works best.
0 ohm 0603 resistor
Alright so just add a blob of soLder on the the jumpers to “close” them. Sounds simple enough. Thank you! we're not worthy
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