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A Difficult Choice
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Author A Difficult Choice
Hello Fellow Wigglers, I have another question that I hope some of you can help with. I am winding down the filling of my current cabinet and I have 2 MOTM spaces left open. I am stuck between choosing either an MOTM 510 wave Warper or an Encore Frequency Shifter. OK, OK, I know these are two totally different modules and the obvious best choice would be to just get both. I plan on doing that eventually, but for now I only have room for one of them. So, what do you guys (and gals?) think - I am looking for something that will provide me the means of really messing up (in the good way) a signal. I know from past experience that a properly used and mis-used Freq Shifter will do the trick but I am unsure about the Wave Warper. The description on the website seems promising, but I am looking for some quality first-hand observation. Any and all responses will be appreciated. Also, feel free to offer up any other suggestions - sort of an answer to the question: If you only had 2 MOTM spaces left, what would you get? BTW, I took the overwhelming advice on my last post and ordered a Grove Dual LFO/VCA instead of the Curetronics Quad VC LFO. I have not received the Dual LFO/VCA yet (or the PM Resonator I also ordered), but I feel good about the choice I made (based on the suggestions from those of you who responded) Thanks
if i am not mistaken, tony from oakley has a prototype discontinuity module for sale (discount, unless it has sold). might be capable of what you are looking for and maybe even more??? just an idea. also the stg wavefolder is amazing. can be found in motm format from AH i believe even still. of course that still isn't what you were looking for exactly. good luck on decision making!
what do you have already?
Time for a new cabinet! And get both.
The choice isn't difficult at all. You need to go for the third option - build another cabinet. Remember, this hobby is just a behavioral addiction. Do you really think you can live with 2 MOTM space left! Get real - you're going to need more real estate. I'd be looking at what wall I could knock out for further expansion. The difficult choice is how to break the news to your significant other!

Actually, I have a MOTM-510 and a Jurgen Haible Frequency Shifter. They are both great and different. Just face it, you need both.

they're right you know. hihi
Welcome rawkeyc! w00t

I have the MOTM-510 and think it's great! Although Paul has been hinting around at redesigning it so maybe wait (this year . . .three years??? hmmm..... )

The Encore UEG seems great and I want to get one someday.

That said, I think you should wait until later this year (hopefully) when Synth Tech comes out with the full 5U version of the E350 Morphing Terrarium! screaming goo yo SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! screaming goo yo

Check out the demos here of the smaller Euro version:

Here's a thread on the E350

Here's a thread on some MOTM 5U panelized versions of the E350. I don't know if PAul is still offering these but the full version will be even more powerfull so I'm going to patiently wait. waah hyper This is fun! screaming goo yo
neither the e350 or ueg process sound though. seems like he was looking for sound processing? maybe i read wrong.
dude wrote:
neither the e350 or ueg process sound though. seems like he was looking for sound processing? maybe i read wrong.

No, I just read it too fast and missed the part about processing sound! d'oh! Thanks for pointing it out, Dude! thumbs up

I don't think I have any examples of the MOTM-510 doing really messed up sounds but it is really good at getting interesting distorted sounds and also emulating wood/metal/glass percuussive sounds.

This is just sort of an organ like patch:

In a few vids I got some interesting background distorted harmony sequences going by using the 510:

Unless your stuck on the unified color black in your rack, I'd recommend the Modcan 65B Dual Frequency Shifter. I'm using it to get some unbelievable sounds from. It's MOTM sized at 2 RU. Though it is more expensive than the Encore, it has twice the power. It has Ring Modulator and Phaser functions as well combinations of all in dual mode, series, or parallel .
I had a Wave Warper I built out of the Kit Paul S. used to have available. It is a really interesting experimental Module. If you got it, you would probably question yourself wether it was broken at least a couple of times. Just remember its not...It does some very complex processing. I would recommend it.
I have both the Encore FS and the MOTM-510 and I agree it is hard to force yourself to choose between these. I'd tend toward the 510 right now, if you want to get one of the originals. Paul S. has been talking about doing a redesign. Not that his new design wouldn't be great. There could be a period in which the 510 might become harder to obtain. Currently the site says, "limited availability".

The 510 can process up to six inputs. It also has six main controls. If you want a versatile signal processor, this is it!
Thanks to all of you who responded - the decision was made a little easier last night when I won an MOTM 510 on eBay. So, now all I have to do is wait until it gets to me...
Good on you! I was eye-balling that 510 too, but my wallet kept whacking me in the shins.

thumbs up
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