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ADSR Sustain behaviour question...
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Author ADSR Sustain behaviour question...
If I use the Oakley ADSR (or VC-ADSR) to control, say a VCF cutoff and I set AD and R to minimum times, as I vary the S knob, will the cutoff frequency follow my movement immediately or is it lagged? If immediately (as I hope) then presumably increasing A, D or R will introduce some lag.

The reason I ask is that I want to reproduce the ADSR behaviour I used to have on my old ARP Axxe which did this. My Korg Odyssey has a lag and my Voyager has a lag. It's useful (to me!) to be modulate cutoff frequency with S sometimes rather than with the more usual cutoff or ADSR level controls because it keeps the attack's peak frequency constant while varying the body of the sound.

Many thanks
The output voltage will change with the position of the sustain pot. There is lag and this will be determined by the decay pot. With the decay pot set to its minimum that lag will be so small that the output will appear to move in tandem with the motion of the pot. Indeed I doubt one could move the pot fast enough to notice the lag.

The attack and release settings have no effect on the lag.

Excellent thanks Tony

Next set of modules are starting to plan themselves smile
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