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Grassi request
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Author Grassi request
Any chance someone could record a video or sample of the grassi controlling some thing besides the Mobenthey stuff? It sounds great with them but would really like to hear how it works with some other modules, maybe something like a Braids shifting everything or Phonogene possibly? Seems like there are some great possibilities there I haven't had the opportunity to check out. I make a lot of harsh noise cut up stuff and am interested in anything that can produce wide harsh timbral shifts.
Not sure this is what you're after, obviously turned out to be more weird drumming than harsh noises. But, read your post and inspired me to try patching up two Mister Grassi through a Softwire Synth's Octal VC Switch to trigger/modulate two Gieskes No-Drums. The Switch's are sending the signal from one Grassi between different parameters on both No-Drums, with one Grassi triggering the switch for the other Grassi's signal. I've got a Phonogene, I'll try to record a demo with that too. thumbs up
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