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PSU question
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Author PSU question
As my modular is growing, it obviously needs more power. So I was wondering if instead of many big lumps giving 0.5-0.8a each, is there a frac-compatible all-in-one solution?

I saw dotcom had something for powering bigger systems, and oakley had small smaller ones that could be mounted onto the actual case. This would be ideal for me, I think.

I basically want one (or two at the most) 'lumps' with distro-boards mounted on the actual case. At least 2-3A. (or is it 2a?)

Well, I guess my question really is: what is everyone else doing?
I found this thread very helpful
Long Live Muff!!! SlayerBadger!
Thanks! I did read that a while ago, but the warning at the start put me off. I'll give another go.
I use one of the Oakley compact PSU's, using the Yamaha line lump. It's supposed to put out around 0.9A, but the recommendation is to not go above 0.75. So even with 2, it might not be enough for you.
MOTM uses the same connectors as Frac (unless we are talking about the less common wider connector with +5). So a standard MOTM solution would be voltage and connector compatible.

I don't know for sure they don't exist, but I've not seen a "lump" only solution of a couple amps with good + & - DC. I think it's a somewhat hefty Power One type solution if we are talking about say 3 amps
PowerOne / Condor / International Power offer three main useful PSU lumps:
HAA15-0.8 @ 800mA
HBB15-1.5 @ 1.5A
HCC15-3.0 @ 3A
(that's from memory, but I think that's correct)

I just received custom cases for my new HAA15-0.8 PSU -- basically a wrapper for the HAA15 which encloses all the wiring.

The aim is to design cases for the larger PSUs too, but you know that this may take a while for me!
yeah - those powerone/condors will work across multiple system V requirements too. i am about to start a small Frac rig for blacet and bug stuff and am getting one of those and plan on building it into a portable record player case - sans the record player....

basically this:

i've also been wondering about this. i currently run 4 x blacet ps500s, and they are all pretty much maxed out.

i am wondering if it might not be easier/better to just grab that condor/power one 3A supply. are their any downsides to this? i could probably sell the current ps500 power supplies and make more than enough to buy one HCC15-3.0.
Yeah, that is what I want to do. Unless there is some dowside?

Drilling lots of distro-boards along the inside of my case and chaining it all up to one power supply.

Anyone see any problems with this?
Only thing I would say would be to take each distro board back to the PSU rather than cascading distro to distro -- ie create a star ground configuration.

Best way! Don't think there's any downsides.
i think ive overheard that the downside to higher current power supplies is that if you plug something in backwards or have something go wrong in a module you are more likely to fry it and maybe other things around it
I guess that makes some sense::: there's more 'power available' before a fuse or such blows. Hmm, interesting.
bumping this thread cus i'm running into the same problem. Ive got two PS500's and it ain't enough for all my blacet. And some modules (like time machine, i have two of em...) will vary in head room a lot depending how theyre patched!

I would love to get one of these 3 amp condors, which aren't even that expensive, but I have no idea what I'd have to do to modify it it to run Frac stuff after that. Could someone either explain the process or refer me to a thread that does?

I have to say it's a bit strange. the PS500 will really only power about a rack and a half of frac, on average. Perhaps we should petition Mr. Blacet to come up with a new solution (1200 ma seems fairly standard in the euro world).
i aksed john blacet before about making a larger power supply, but he explained that the main benefit of keeping them small was for heat distribution purposes.

there is a thread somewhere about converting these condor supplies for frac, and i think cat-a-tonic may have done it himself, so maybe drop him a pm? search hould be fixed soon too. wink

on another note, i've heard a few people sing the praises of these PS500 power supplies (and the new PS505 - anyone know the difference? the transformer looks different, it's now encased in light blue plastic, but am not sure if there are any other changes?), including grant, and they look very similar to some of the power supplies i've seen in very high end solid state hi-fi and recording gear.

i've never had any trouble with mine, but i've always been extra careful to try and allow more than enough power. like you said, you do need to be conscious of what else you have plugged in, when you are running two TMs off the same supply...
Yeah, I've basically come to the conclusion that it's better to run each TM off a different supply. And I have Rev 1's, so if you run them on the same rail you actually have to re-calibrate the Bias trimpot on the back.

For years I've definitely noticed it's a *high quality* PSU but dang 500 is so little. For example if you run a rack and a half like i describe above you have almost no headroom left... obviously not a good habit in the power world.

i'll drop cat-a-tonic a line. the search is getting better, i found this thread rather easily, but if the information isn't readily available perhaps we can get it into this thread and maybe sticky it? there aren't really enough frac stickies any how.
I have not yet put a PowerOne/Condor PSU in my Frac rig.
I currently use one Blacet PSU for each 2 racks with no problems.
I have thought about changing over to a big, heavy PowerOne for the large Frac cabinet.
Having the weight of a big PSU at the bottom back of this tall cabinet would help to stabilize it in terms of weight distribution and earthquake safety.
Right now the Blacet PSUs are mounted to the interior of every other Frac frame and the cabinet is a bit front heavy; so leaning it back a couple of degrees is a necessity.

I put an HAA15 (800mA) in a DIY Euro suitcase though.
It does the job, but it is heavy and it gets hotter than the Blacets.

On the PowerOne PSU case it tells you which lugs you have to jumper for +/- 12v or 15v operation.
You might have to tweak the trimpots too.
I also use 1 Blacet PSU for every 2 racks and have had no problems so far.

I'm currently running 8 Blacet racks from 4 Blacet PSUs with no problems. Just wondering if anyone HAS got into trouble with overloading Blacet PSUs??
solitaryzen wrote:
I'm currently running 8 Blacet racks from 4 Blacet PSUs with no problems. Just wondering if anyone HAS got into trouble with overloading Blacet PSUs??

I've got 4 racks and 2 PSU's and it doesn't quite work out. Unless I disconnect the Time Machines. All that happens when you get to high is nothing really turns on except maybe an LED on one module or something.

Any how it is an annoying situation... I'm RIGHT at the line where I need a third PSU...
Thanks for that - was wondering what happens when you do overstretch the PSU. If everything just stops working then I guess it's not overly problematic or dangerous. What I would find really annoying is if the modules kept working apparently normally but you started getting subtly incorrect voltages on certain modules.
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