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Choices patch examples
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Author Choices patch examples
I have searched and read through tons of posts, and the light bulb in my head is still a bit dim.

I get the general concept of how the Choices works and have read the manual, but I would greatly appreciate some further direction or patch examples.

It must be possible to pull off some tricky shit with this thing - please advise!

Anything you can modulate, you can send through or control with Choices. It's really simple.
What makes it neat to me is that one can attenuate or amplify a signal on each axis, and you can offset the signal on each axis. Oh and you can send manual gates and triggers too. Before I got to play with one I was all like "whatever man, a joystick." But once I started looking at all the CV inputs on my 9U, I could see the possibilities.

-Like, manual control over the rotation of the Rotating Clock Divider. (Which is what made me go "yes okay I must have one of these.")
-Manual control over the Log/Lin/Exp control of the Maths, which when clocked can end up controlling the speed of the clock as well, since the Maths doesn't retrigger on the rise.
-Manual control of the Time Base of the Model 10.
-Either of the above on one axis with, hmm, the Change parameter of the Noisering on the other.
-Change AND Chance on X and Y. Manually clock the NR with the trigger out.
- Manually reset any or all sequences of the Z8000 with the trigger as CV from one or two of the tracks is routed through Choices. Holy shit!
- Send the manual gate to a VC Switch, so you can have the stick going to two different sets of parameters, and merely by hitting the gate button on the Choices you can control what you're controlling.

I could go on. I just got the barebones kit in the mail and heck if I don't have time to build the thing for a week or two. I want to hook it to an Arduino and make it go pretty lights as I twiddle and stuff.
Oh wait, I forgot:

SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! Band Band Band headbang headbang headbang
Soy Sos
Thanks MrBiggs,
I'm glad a better typist with writing skills got to it before me.
Try all the ones above and soon you'll think of 100 more.
I forgot an obvious one.
First, manual control over the speed of an LFO. Okay, pretty cool right? Now try X controls the Rise time of a Maths, Y controls the Fall time. This means one bad ass LFO. Independent control over rise AND fall! And knobby control attenuating or offsetting this control.

mmffgghhbrbrr. Drool.
Thanks a ton, Mr. Biggs!

lots of great suggestions/ideas - now I'm really starting to see the bigger picture

thanks for taking the time to help - very much appreciated
vc scroll through wavetable banks is my favorite. is also fun to use with a cgs slope detector. axis>quantizer>vco>vca and then gate>eg>vc of vca = awesome playable tonal instrument. sorry if any of this has already been stated.
Bump! Anyone have any more examples? Considering one of these and looking for more useful/interesting ways people are using them.
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