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Chocolate Flavored Frac?
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Author Chocolate Flavored Frac?
Can Y'all recommend a Frac semimodular with solid character. Everything I've heard in Frac thusfar is fairly vanilla.
Really it's about how you patch it. Patch things to sound "vanilla" and they will. Patch them not to and they won't. Maybe give some ideas/examples of what a "solid character" sounds like to help people give some recommendations smile

But, if I was looking at (new) Frac these days I wouldn't get far past the Bugbrand Synth Voice panels. products_id=124

Check the Bugbrand sub-forum for lots of sound examples.
Frac. semimodular.... can't think of even one.

get a FR XS.

thee ghost ov n_phay
The only thing I'm aware of is the Steiner Microcon, which is available in a variety of formats incl frac, although I think just as a kit. It certainly has "character" but is also a bit odd & may not be to all tastes.
Technically, you could assemble a SEMI-modular by selecting individual modules and interconnecting them on the back side via the normals (switching jacks).
[This would not work with a banana system.] sad banana

That said,
more modulation
and different styles of patching
will get you away from vanilla.
You might even stop by for some french vanilla
on your way to rocky road.

There are a lot of character modules in Frac.
I'm not sure what you would equate to chocolate (Moog Ladder?).
Patching the GX-1 filter (high-pass) into Moog (low-pass) in series gives you a super bandpass with lots of variable flavor control.

Similar internal filter patching (rotary switch) on the Threeler
yields another pallet of sound flavors/colors.
Vanilla comes from exotic orchids.
The Evenfall Minimodular is 3U, 19" including ears, and runs on +/-15V and was designed by musician & long time Serge user Chris MacDonald with help from Grant Richter. Guess that's as close to your criteria as it gets. It has a waveshaper, which in theory should expand the sonic palette a lot compared to VCO-VCF-VCA modules or whatever you've tried out so far, but I have yet to hear it myself. A few of them came up for sale last year.
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