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Happy holidays! Please see the year-end funding drive post in the Announcements subforum. Thanks and all my love to you beautiful people.

RandomSource XL boat mounting/enclosures
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Author RandomSource XL boat mounting/enclosures
Has anyone come up with a good mounting or enclosure solution for the RandomSource XL boats? Specifically I'm hoping to mount them vertically.

My current plan involves clamping them together, setting them in front of an unused section rack (on a blank panel that's been modified with two bolts protruding from it as a support), and using a ratcheting strap between the two clamps to hold it tight to the rack.

Obviously this eats up a couple extra spaces of rack, but with 4 boats that seems a lot more ergonomic and space-saving than using 6x normal boats and mounting them vertically in the rack. (Not to mention the fact that I already own the four XL boats...)

Just wondering if anyone has devised any other solutions...
Necrobump of my old thread. Apparently I've been lazy this past year, and maybe you haven't been...

Hopefully more people have these Random*Source XL boats now, and have come up with some nice solutions to mounting/placing them in your studio.

One or two seem fine for table-top use, but I'm hoping that someone has found a nice way to use a larger number of these boats without just setting them on a table.
I have two, and briefly entertained getting a third, but I think it would become pretty unwieldy. I might well just cut some end-cheeks do the job.

Getting more than two of these feels kind of impractical, but they're so cool wink
Me myself i use only the XL boats, i just find the proportions to be very elegant.
Currently i put two boats on a solid music stand as a temporary solution. I though of end-cheeks, too, but then i would loose flexibility. Sometimes i want just to carry one boat with me.
So i eventually had this idea of making myself a kind of wooden shelf, a nice angled box where i can pull the boats out, when needed.
Another idea was to ask a metal worker to bend me two metal strips that would clamp the boats together.

I am still not decided.
Thanks for your thoughts, guys!

I had a similar idea of a wooden angled shelf/case, too, but I'm worried about how it would work in practice. Specifically when pulling cables out I don't want the boat lifting up and out of the case. Perhaps it could be done where it clamps down on the cases with some wing nuts on threaded rods.

Weekend plans for a weekend where I have some spare time! ;-)
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