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Forum Mods
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Author Forum Mods
Muff Wiggler
As you guys may know, yesterday I installed a bunch of Mods on the Forum. It was actually a nightmare, as many of them conflicted with each other. The forum went from totally down, to up but no-one could post, to no-one can register, back to totally down, and all through this a few times.

Finally I found a nice balance and got everything working.

Most of the mods you guys won't notice - I installed a bunch of mods to the user sign-up page, to try to prevent spambots from registering.

I get 20-30 spambots EVERY DAY registering here, each time I would log in on my blackberry and delete the account. I have 19 real users over about 6 months. And 20-30 robots a day. Brutal!

So I installed some good mods to prevent this - the website and signature fields are gone from the signup page, so if a script supplys them, the registration is denied. Also, I added two new fields to the signup, the "Are you a human?" question, and a second question that is taken randomly from a pool of questions I supplied.

Finally, I installed a mod that prevents users who are surfing from open proxies from registering.

Hopefully all this makes for less work for me removing robot accounts!

Also, if this works and I see a major drop in robot activity, I'll turn the forum back to 'user activated', so new users don't need to wait for me to approve their account.

There is one mod that I installed that you guys will notice - 'Super Quick Reply'. You should now see a quick reply box at the bottom of each thread, so you don't need to click on the 'reply' button to type a reply. I love this feature.

You can collapse/expand the quick reply box by pressing the 'quick reply' button beside the main 'reply' button at the bottom of each thrread. Alternatively, you can disable Quick Reply in your account preferences, although I don't know why you would.

If anyone is NOT seeing the Quick Reply box, or if you have any problems with it, please let me know. It's a great bit of code, but it's quite finicky.

That quick reply box is pretty cool
hey - can you send me a PM/email with what mods you did to your forum? I'm getting robot members like you wouldn't believe..... initial PHPBB searches didn't turn up any obvious mods but I could just be looking in the wrong places.
Muff Wiggler
hell yeah, i love the quick reply

Mike I sent ya a PM but in case anyone else is curious, i got everything i needed here:

i strongly recommend installing EasyMod first, and using that to install your mods. I did it ALL the hard way, then discovered EasyMod.
Muff Wiggler
by the way, the couple of antispam mods i installed are working PERFECTLY so far!! went from 20 bots a day registering to NONE.

i haven't had a single one since installing the mods - just one real registration, the way it should be!

i think by far the combination of the 'humanizer' and 'textual confirmation' mods have done the trick 8)
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