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16 Step Sequencer Gate & trigger Levels
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Author 16 Step Sequencer Gate & trigger Levels
Hi There, I am having some issues getting other synths to trigger off the MFOS 16 step sequencer. Does anyone know what the voltage level and the signal length is for the trigger out?

I am getting 12V at the gate, and it works fine, CV also works correctly but I am having a dickens of a time trying to capture the trigger signal on the scope.

I have even set the sequencer to maximum clock rate, to provide a really fast pulse for the probe. I can see the blips on the screen that corresponds to the clock rate (so there is a signal), but the max voltage I am seeing is only 124 mV and I thought it should be somewhere around 10V to 12V

In the schematic, both gate and trigger come from the same source, but they use U6 a bit differently before the output.

I am wondering if the signal is just too short in duration, and wonder if C13, the 0.001microfarad cap is the reason.

Anyone else have this ?

Thank you.
I have exactly the same issue with my trigger output. I am currently trying to resolve this problem and will post a solution when I have one. In the meantime if anyone else has solved this problem please post the solution here.
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