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Power supplies (AGAIN, yes again)
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Author Power supplies (AGAIN, yes again)
I've just updated our Support section to cover as many of the Euro power supplies on the market (or off, dunno) as possible.

One recent trend I've seen: people buying Synthrotek products and having problems with them. Esp. their power supplies which get rave reviews--but just won't run Metasonix modules.

I tell the newbs this and they don't believe the last 2 years a whole raft of small power supplies hit the market, most with a 4hp panel for power inlet. They are ALL dodgy for big loads like Metasonix, and for Erica and Trogotronic for that matter.

I can't make this any clearer. Yet people continue to buy things, don't RTFM, and bitch me out when they have a problem.
Trogotronic m168 has no problems doing this. And the price is right!

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