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Shnth in 2017
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Author Shnth in 2017
Hello CL veterans,

I'm now thinking about getting a Shnth (I already have Sidrax, Plumbutter and Coco). It seems like Shnth isn't too hot these days somehow. Is there anything to concern to get it now? Programming environment (and OS), battery, finding patch etc? Any input is appreciated!

I just found a thread asking tetrax or shnth lately, so it's kind of redundant, sorry. But hey...

For one thing, I like SoundCloud demos of shbobo. Is the patch used in the demos are available somewhere?
So, people who have Shnth for several years, how is the battery life of yours? Has it degraded noticeably? Do you actually store the device turn-on (according to the manual) and drain the battery completely every time?
shnth battery life seems fine to me but i usually use it with USB attached if i'm going to be playing it for more than 10-15 minutes. usually its because i like to change patches on the fly but also, if playing a show, why take a chance? you need a cable attached to take the audio to the PA anyway..

as far as shnth in 2017, there will be a nice surprise coming i think smile
bartlebooth wrote:
as far as shnth in 2017, there will be a nice surprise coming i think smile

hyper Is Shtar scheduled already ? Is it likely to happen before the Summer ? Ah, I can't wait...

By the way... I was recently daydreaming about a Radio 电琴 Shzither...
I've just got a brand new Shnth but the battery doesn't seem to last nowhere like 5 hours so said in the manual. less than 1 hour? So I played on the battery till it blinks and then enter orange light mode, after a while it automatically got back to normal mode. It's supposed to a quick charge so I don't expect it's fully charged but played on the battery now it last about 5 minutes... Hope to last a little longer? seriously, i just don't get it

About Shtar, hehe, it's quite interesting hihi
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