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Deerhorn Output Issue?
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Author Deerhorn Output Issue?
Hey everyone,

First off, I just took delivery of my new Plumbutter last night, and the first session was incredible. Really looking forward to a deep dive over the weekend.

However, I seem to be having an issue with a couple of the Deerhorn outputs (red and white), but I wanted to make sure it wasn't calibration or user error before reaching out to Peter. The problem is that the top red (pulse) output doesn't seem to work like the bottom one does -- in other words, if I send its signal to modulate something while playing the Deerhorn, it won't do anything but the top one does.

I'm also having a similar issue with the bottom white (audio) output from the Deerhorn. Same deal -- top one modulates stuff, the bottom one doesn't if I send it to the same destination(s).

I tried slightly adjusting the cable position, taking it out a little, etc., but nothing seemed to give me a signal. Does that sound like bad jack issue to anyone?
It could be solder of the jack. If you're handy with soldering iron (don't need to be an expert, rather easy job than one might think), open the case and reflow the jack in question.
Thanks, Jimmie. This would be my first soldering experience, actually -- would a flux-core, no clean solder that contains lead be ok if I need to add a bit to the joint? Like this one?

Thanks for any advice!
I think that'd be fine. Don't need to be afraid since you're not going to solder a sensitive part, just retouch insufficent solder around the jack terminal. Find a cocoquantus circuit board photo on the net, the jack is the same to plumbutter. you'll see the hole where jack's terminal goes in is rather large compare to the terminal, and that's why this happens (seems like common problem to cl gear). heat the soldering point a few sec, add a bit of solder (not too much), that's it.
Before you go soldering anything though, I didn't necessarily notice in your post anything about having adjusted the balance of the Deerhorn… There's a knob between the two pitch knob controls, that is used to adjust the balance of back-and-forth waving action Triggering both parts of the Deerhorn… Basically, put it in the center and you could even just touch the antenna part and see if you get both left and right outputs working… If not, then yes I would guess it's a loose/dad Jack
Thanks to both of you! horaflora, yep - the balance control is working nicely and I don't have any issues hearing or adjusting the response of the two oscillators. Peter and I are discussing now -- current theory is that the jack may have unsoldered itself. I'll crack it open and see what's up.

Regardless of the issue, Im hoping to record a little something for the family jams thread this weekend!
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