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Instrument used in "Made of wood 3" compilation
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Author Instrument used in "Made of wood 3" compilation
Would it be possible to compile this in this thread:
I am very curious to know which instruments and tools were used for your tracks on the the Game of Life "Made of wood 3" compilation.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=557452480 size=small bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff]

I'd very much appreciate to have all listed here, if possible.

Thanx in advance!
Artist: batchas
Title: excavation
Info: One take, direct, no cut
Instrument used: Plumbutter 1
Effects: Space Designer in Logic added afterwards
Artist: cadenian arts club
Title: quantum of strings
Info: One take, direct, no cut
Instrument used: Plumbutter 2 & Cocoquantus 2
Effects: Roland SRV-330 [Dimensional Space Reverb]
Artist: Orpheus
Title: Knots
Info: 4 track recording with some post editing
Instrument used: YOP Kiosk, Field recordings, Greek Baglamas thru coco
Effects: None
Infinity Curve
Artist Sincode
Title Quantussed
Info self patched Coco, one take, no editing
Instrument used Cocoquantus 2
Effects None
Artist: Coordinator
Title: a fine
Info: I received about 100 tapes from a church that was updating their service recording technique and have been slowly filling them up with various projects. You can hear various bits from a service sewn throughout the "song". I cut together a short compilation for the end bit from the tape as well.

first bit is OP1 processed through plummy into coco
second is straight op1
third is op1 through plum into coco accompanied by VM driven plum oscillators heavy ultrasound given the crackling to death feel. I think the drums were on a coco loop this then goes into droney train tracks provided by VM controlled plumbutter oscillators and some FM'ing
fourth quick church interlude
fifth heavy plumbutter drone looped on coco pitch decreased then oringinal non looped version coming in over the top at end
sixth church interlude
seventh dirt stomping by way of coco looped input noise (touching cable) or maybe rolls into ultrasound
eighth plumbutter jam rollz sequenced VM with delay from the coco
nine back to dirt stomping saved on a coco loop with minimal VM sequenced avdog intrusion
tenth this last bit is the compilation cut I made form a service (for the voice part some audacity phaser was used) over top of several different things it starts with plumbutter playing along with an op1 loop through the coco
eleventh this flows into the op1 coco loop accompanied by an op1 bassdrum
twelfth this is another op1 (arp drum) but being processed through the plumbutters' gong inputs to give it that guitarish sound and then the next two switches are the same thing with different settings and some FM for laser sounds

Instrument used
: plumbutter 2, cocoqantus 2, meng qi VM, op-1
Effects: Plumbutter 2, audacity phaser
Artist: bunk data
Title: dead reckoning
Info: One take, direct, no cut
Instrument used: Duosk 2
Effects: Eventide Space
Artist Hainbach
Title Carpet Jungle
Info Recorded in a dusty appartment in Weimar, working away from the studio, one take.
Instrument used Cocoquantus 2, Sidrax, OP1, Olympus LS14 field recorder
Effects Maybe the Neunaber Slate, I can't remember if I had that with me.
Artist Dirch Blewn
Title the gasp of resonant body
Info everything was recorded using close miking of inside a zither, the instruments where played through the zither body using small bone conductors. Recorded PB, sidrax & phasi in seperate takes.
Instrument used PBv1, Sidrax, Phasi
Effects Just the acoustics of the space inside the zither and some string rattle from attaching the bone conductors to the strings.

The other track I did uses a similar setup with bone conductors attached to a toy koto & a cowbell. I reversed some of the atmospheric stuff.

I might stick both tracks up on soundcloud as I should have boosted the volume up, they've come out very quiet d'oh!
Artist Melfi
Title Phloem
Info 4 Tracks and some practicing on one of the first days of my sabbatical
Instrument used Tetrax
Effects Korg Monotron Delay, Eventide Timefactor
Artist: Fern Lodge
Title: Of a thousand sorrows
Info: Recorded in multiple takes then processed through tape and Coco using both inputs recording the same source but pitched differently to create all kinds of phases and cancelation...
Instrument used: Shnth, Tetrax, Plumbutter and Coco
Effects: All effects in Ableton including reverb EQ and frequency shifting
Artist: prscrptn
Title: aprile & andante
Info: Multi-track recording via Cubase
Instruments used: Plumbutter 2, Cocoquantus 2, Octatrack
Effects: Flint, Space, Timeline, Timefactor
Artist: Cray
Title: umbik
Info: One take, from a 10 min piece
Instrument used: Plumbutter 2
Effects: some shimmer fx but cant remember what as i move gear often
Artist: Yannick Dauby
Title: Terrestrial Snails
Info: Recorded on a Bronze Age tumulus in the Mediterranean Alps and in the southern hills of Taipei, Taiwan.
Instrument used: Shure MD413U, dry leaves, snail shells, stones, sticks, bumblebee, Sidrax, Cocoquantus2
Effects: some dynamic and reverb processing in Logic
Artist: Adult Cat
Title: Esbjerg IK
Info: One take improv
Instrument used: Plumbutter 2
Effects: Smidge of reverb and compression in logic
asteroid anxiety
Artist: Asteroid Anxiety
Title: Eunomia III
Info: Single take
Instrument used: Cocoquantus 2, 208r, VTOL Wolfram, VTOL Volte Face
Effects: Logic compression
Artist: 5e7h
Title: Cocotar
Info: one take improv
Instrument used: Cocoquantus 1 & Guitar
Effects: limiter
Artist: Hoan Kiem Chess Team
Title: Finders Keepers
Info: 1 take live recording, no edits
Instrument used: Plumbutter Mk 1

Artist: Hoan Kiem Chess Team
Title: Keepers Finders
Info: 1 take live recording, no edits
Instrument used: Cocoquantus Mk2 and Sidrax
Artist: weinglas
Titles: winter part 1 and part 2
Info: one take, no edits
Instruments used: Sidrassi and Cocoquantus
Effects: Reverb and Delay
Artist: Underglass
Title: In and on
Info:Living room of average house. Mastered via Final Touch ipad app. Sidrax accompanying record playing
Instruments used: Sidrax through Roland space echo pedal, turntable with vintage childrens Record playing. All captured ambiently via Zoom H2 recorder.
Artist: muncky
Title: oneREADYape
Info: One take, direct, no cut
Instrument used: Plumbutter 2
Effects: Strymon El Capistrano and EHX Cathedral
Artist: Paskal
Titles: comfort for damaged hands
Info: one take, no edits
Instruments used: Kiosk + mic
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