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AH shipping 1.0 version of the HD?
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Author AH shipping 1.0 version of the HD?
A Dingleberry Monstrosity
so I just got my HD and ive been playing around with it and its niiiiice!! hyper
had no idea what the hell I was doing though eek! I noticed while I was installing it that there is text that reads "revision 1.0" or something like that.

was this latest batch NOT the updated ones??? hmmm.....
All units in-stock are the latest version. They all came from the same factory production run.

The back of the PCB says Hertz Donut Main v1.0 because that is the hardware version. But the software is indeed updated. The most obvious giveaway is the non-functioning square wave output- until you enable it.

A Dingleberry Monstrosity
"When he asked the boy if he would like a Hertz Donut, the boy said 'Not if you're gonna stab me in the eye with a pencil'. 'I wouldn't even touch ya', said Mr Stevenson.

"So when the boy agreed, he presented him with a photograph of the young man's fiancée at a bachelor party, on some guy's table, fuckin' herself with a beer bottle.

"As tears filled the young man's eyes, Mr Stevenson was heard to say 'Hertz donut'"
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