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AKU drone??
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Author AKU drone??
I've loved samurai jack since it first started back in like 2003.

I especially love the sound that seems to be the character AKU's theme. Anytime he is on screen this drone plays, which is probably one of the earliest sounds I heard that got me interested in how sound works.

ANYWAY does anyone have any idea how this was made? This is a crappy recording using my recorder up to the TV speaker unfortunately but does anyone know how this was made?


no idea how was it made (maybe on a digital computer?), but you can obtain similar effect with (first order) beating -- eg by playing two consecutive notes at once; preferably with moderate harmonic content for each voice (triangle, sawtooth?) to make it dirtier...
Heh, I realize I'll make a fool of myself, but I just tried to confirm you can actually do something alike with beating [seriously, I do hear it's different, but perhaps filtering, waveshape, and/or two freqs can be adjusted so that you get what you want].
These are two triangle waves of A-143-4 + little pink noise (A-118, to add some more dirt), muffled with A-124 (perhaps too much?); distorted a bit by my poor old mixer.
The "tone shift" (I missed, sorry, don't have any other controller than knobs) was done on common, ie both oscillators went down with freq.
Yeah there is deff a lot to it, phase beating, white noise reverb etc.

I somehow have the feeling that its a preset on some digital synth or a plugin. I would be very surprised if it was made from scratch considering it was a TV show and they wouldn't have time to mess around.
yes, completely agree (well, maybe not reverb -- reverbs are evil... eek!)

As of messing around, you never know... I have never seen this particular show, but some are made with great care and taste (eg gumball, or [not animated but very awesome] Brithish series "Utopia"); these people with academic background called Artists... they seem to literally defecate with coolness.
Hello! This is my first post. I though this seemed like a neat exercise and here's my attempt at recreating the theme.


Here's a pic of my meager setup. The patch is based on Dixie, Tides, and Maths as slightly detuned oscillators. Noise is being filtered with Dr Octature and the cutoff is modulated by Maths. Octone is changing the notes and triggering Disting which is set as a shift register change the filter cutoff.

Hello Onomo, well done! Though to me your version sounds way prettier than the original...
On the other hand, when it comes to textures and other sublte details, everyone is different -- we hear different things when our ears are irritated with "the same" accoustic wave. Even funnier, hearing changes over time, partly with physiological changes, but largely with psychological changes. [eg hearing Wyschnegradsky for the first time is rarely a pleasant experience, isn't it?]
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