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Tabletop effect-units for drones anywhere?
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Author Tabletop effect-units for drones anywhere?
Newbie says hello!

Found this forum trying to search suitable effect-modules for my drone-synth.
Nice forum, great resources.

History: I have played guitars and basses for ages, last 2 years also done edm-type techno and stuff, got excited about synths seeing a video of an old russian polivoks-synth, bought a microbrute, it hasn't seen too much use though. Then I saw there was this weird little mono-drone-synth for sale at a local musicians forum, I liked the sound, but I got an idea that a similar device in stereo would be useful, and the builder built me just that. A dual drone-synth with 2 outputs, 3LFO:s in both channels, shared low-pass and volume and some filter, light-sensitive resistors and body-contacts in both channels. All built inside a wooden wine-box.

I will put a soundcloud link in the end of my first recording with it, for sound reference. It has a picture of the device too.

I think I want more UFO/mushroom/stoner/doom-psychedelia.
I also need tempo-related stuff.. What can I say, I like rhythm.

SO.. Where could I find effects or filters, secquencers and so on, that would be standalone, audio in-audio out sort of devices??
Or am I completely doomed to guitar-pedals?..

While browsing this forum I saw the ehx program-8 pedal, but even that isn't audio-in-audio-out, and I need a device where I can set tempo without MIDI... since I don't know about midi much..
Or am I going to end up with a kaoss-pad in both outputs?
Drone/doom/noise on!
couple of posts down on the Exagonal FB page - drone FX box in progress, can't wait for more details on this, Nic makes good stuff grin
there is a huge range of stompboxes ('guitar effects') out there. and some are fairly experimental. you only have to make sure that your level going in isn't too high. also there is a large range of 19" boxes. some (tc fireworx, lexicon mpx-1) allow a large range of sounds/setups within this one box. and then there is the custum work. i just built a new 'noisebox' for myself:

which contains a few (very dirty) distortion/fuzz circuits, a wah/bandpass filter, an fv1 digital effects board and one of those 'buddha-boxes'. sounds great to me and was already used in some improvisations with the group bassnoise. i had to diy since what i wanted wasn't available off the shelf. but any sort of standard stuff i'll buy, since i'm not addicted to solderfumes hihi
main thing is to know what you want. so think about that and watch lots of demo's. they are never going to show you exactly what you want, but can give a decent indication of what might be possible ...
and getting a small modular system might be a road you could walk. it doesn't need to be a big box (although that might happen after a while!). check doepfers beauty-case box. got one meself for mi clouds, a custum panel with two joysticks and a dual lfo-type module. very handy!
if i may recommend one box it is the line6 M5. beautiful audio quality and a lot of weirder effects. i got mine s/h for like 75 euro's ...
there is a pedal input to sweep between settings and a fairly simple mod to make a pot/knob on the frontpanel to do that ...
in this case i made it so that it can be footcontrolled, so the physical sweep is quite small. the extra footswitch is for switching between the two modes of operation.
Thanks for all the replies!
It was all good info.

I think I'm a bit stupid, since I never have used any effects on guitar, except tube-distortion, not even delay/reverb, ever. So, I don't know much of stompboxes either. grin
But obviously I have to start looking. My device has master volume-pot, and it's below line-level so I think it can be fed into stompoxes.
And I have a couple of friends that build amps and stompboxes, and an actual electrician good at electronics. So custom-stuff might happen...

I just blew 700euros into an overhaul of my guitar and 500 euros on that dronemachine, so I'm a bit tight on cash. :(

BUT one more question.

Would an arpeggiator work at all in a drone machine, or a step secquencer????

...well. I do have a pc daw, so I probably could try LOADS of effects with VST:s before buying actual hardware..
Yesterday I droned away some 3hours, using a couple of delay-vst:s from the daw..
Jouni wrote:
Would an arpeggiator work at all in a drone machine, or a step secquencer????

those devices put out series of voltages. so your device needs a cv input. most of these droneboxes are built around a hexinverter chip, not 'real' vco's. so you're out of luck there. but a neat trick is to get some vco and use a ringmod between the dronebox and the vco.
i do see a small eurorack looming in your future cool

Not sure, if time and interests go as far as a Eurorack.
But hey.. I do have newfound interest while gazing through for-sale-ads.

I'm actually discussing with a pedal-building friend of mine now,
About a tabletop-box of effects, in stereo, like my drone.

He figured it'd be around 300 euros for 3 effects, to both channels.
Using existing stompbox-diy-kits.

Delay?? Reverb??? Phaser?? Other?
The Illuminaire
felixer wrote:

This is fucking fantastic, man! MY ASS IS BLEEDING
thanks cool it will look even better as i'm going 'alien steampunk' with it hihi
Jouni wrote:

Delay?? Reverb??? Phaser?? Other?

random filter mod (one of my faves on the M5). zvex makes an expensive stompbox to do that. you can patch it quite easily on a modular synth.

resonator. there is a nice one in the alesis quadraverb v2 ... not an eq but made with a bunch of very short delays with feedback.

reverb with hold. the ehx cathedral does that. a bit dark/murky sounding box but can be modded for cv inputs to all knobs cool

another nice ehx box is the 'superego'. basically a 'freeze deluxe' with a switch for auto. it grabs any peak and holds that sound like an endless reverb: very nice! the normal 'freeze' has a button for that.

and make sure you can change the order: phase before or after reverb sounds quite different! and see if you can get a feedback control that lets you route the signal from the output back to the input. that's a powerful concept. just did a small stompbox for a friend that can do that:

the stompswitch is on/off and the knob determines the level. it is pretty large so you can control it by foot. the kandinsky-type graphics were at her request cool
the noisebox is pretty much done. lots of quite useless junk on there, but i like the looks:
The Illuminaire
Yeah, that's one sexy bish. Props!

screaming goo yo
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